I'm broken do you hear me?


18. Baby.

*2 months later*
Rachel's POV
It is my due date today so I'm in the hospital. In a lt of pain. This baby is almost for sure coming out today. I was sitting
On the hospital bed with Niall,mum & Vanessa next to me. All of the sudden I was really in pain and I felt water. I screamed. "THE BABY IS COMING!" Niall yelled. The doctors came rushing in. "PUSH!" They yelled to me. I pushed so hard. A little later I saw the most beautiful baby in the world in the doctors arms. They were looking at her. I wanted to see her so bad. They handed her over to me. Tears of joy were running down my cheeks. I held her. "Welcome to the world, beautiful." I said as I kissed her cheek. Niall was crying with tears of joy so was my Mom. "Daddy's
turn." Niall whined. I handed her over to him. He looked at her. He was so happy. "We have to take her to check her out, alright?" The doctors ask. "Yes of course!" I said happily. "So what's her name gonna be?" Niall asked. "Ella. Ellie for short. You pick the middle name. Please." I said. "Maura!" Niall said. "Th wouldn't be fair to my mom!" I said. "Uh. Fine her middle name will be Claire." Niall suggested. "Perfect. Ella Claire Horan!" I said happily. "I love it! I love you! I love Ella!" Niall exclaimed. "I love Ella & you too." I said as he kissed me. I was in the perfect position. I loved my life. So the doctors came back with my baby. "We need her full name. Also she has to stay with us for 3 more days. You may stay or leave." The doctor told us. "Her full name is Ella Claire Horan. We will stop in often to see her." I told the doctor. "Alright. Here she is so you can say goodbye." I picked up Ella and held her in my arms. "Bye Ellie. We love you." I said as Niall & I kissed both her cheeks at the same time. She giggled. She laughed a little like me & a little like Niall. Then I handed her back over to the doctor. "Bye!" The doctor said. "Bye! Bye my little baby!" Niall & I yelled and blew her a kiss. Then we left.
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