I'm broken do you hear me?


17. Baby shower + author's note

*5 months later*
Rachel's POV
It is now June 16th I was due in exactly 2 months. It was now my baby shower day. I got a one direction shirt on, that actually fit me. I also put on some track pants. I was lonely right now because Niall wasn't at home because guys don't go to baby showers. The party starts in 20 min. I am so excited! 15 min later my doorbell rings. I waddle over. I see Danielle,Perrie & Eleanor. "Hey ladies." I greeted them. "Hey girl!" They said as they all hugged me. They gave me my baby presents. I put them on the counter. 5 min later the doorbell rings again. This time waddled over and I saw Mum,Auntie,Vanessa & my step sister Kyla. They came in and gave my baby's present. I put it on the counter than a few other people came and we eat. It was so good. We played games. Then we opened presents. First one I opened the one from Eleanor. I open the girl bag and inside I see the smallest Cinderella dress with heels so small and a little tiara. It was so adorable but what was it for? I looked at Eleanor confused. "This is for Halloween since it's so soon I thought I'd get a costume." Eleanor told me. "AW! This is adorable. Thank you so much babe!" I told her. Next was the one from Danielle. I opened it and saw a small sweater that said I LOVE 1D <3. This was so cute. "Thank You Danielle!" I exclaimed. Next was the one from Perrie & Zayn. It was a soother that said Best Mum & Dad. I loved it!!! "Thank You babe!" I said. "No problem hun." Perrie said. Next one was from my mum. It was a crib. A beautiful bluish greenish crib. "Thank You so much mummy." I said. I opend a few more and fianlly got to Arianna it was a pair of sunglasses that fit a baby, one that fits me & one that fits Niall. They were matching sunglasses! They were so cute. "Thank You Arianna!" I yelped. Then shortly after everyone left and I heard a knock on the door. "Can I come in babe?" I heard Niall ask. "Yes!" I said. He came in and saw the crib. "This is perfect." He laughed at the I <3 1D sweater. Then it was like 9pm and is was really tired from a long day. "Let's go to bed." I told Niall as he helped me up the stairs to our bedroom.

Author's note
Thanks for 100 reads! Happy birthdays Zayn xxx ~Rachel
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