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We live in a foster home. Both our parents died in a car crash along with my brother and her sister. We were lucky. We were the survivors. Now we've gone from what seemed like a high life up town to running around rags down town. Its all up to a letter from a magazine that can change our lives from then on. By the way, we're Jess and Connie and we now live with the famous boy band one direction.


9. 8. Hello Again

Connie's P.O.V -

YAWN! I said inside my head as I stretched out my morning arms, legs and hands. I sat up and looked at the wall opposite my bed. I looked out the window and it was raining... oh the joys of living in England! I decided that today wasn't one of my days, so I lay back down and tried to get back to sleep.

*White lips pale face. Breathing in snowflakes. Burnt lungs, sour taste.*

My phone sung to me. I sighed and rolled un-gracefully out of bed. I shut my phone up after finding it next to my bed instead of on the other side of the room. Hmm, confusion!? After picking it up I found a note tucked under it. I picked it and un folded it before reading it quickly.

* Hi Connie,

I just wanted to say last night was fun,

I think we should all meet up again.

If you want to our phone numbers are on the back!

Bye bye for now hope to talk to you soon!?

Love Louis :)

P.T.O ----->*

After reading it I froze completely  I have only just remembered that we met ONE DIRECTION last night! OMGOSH! I can't believe that actually happened! I thought it was all a dream... but it wasn't! Ahhh! I looked over to Jess's bed and she was gone, early bird. I did a little excited dance. Then I remembered the phone numbers and I grabbed my phone that I had thrown on the bed. I added the numbers checking them twice just to make sure I entered the right ones. I was about to dial Louis' number but then I thought not to because other wise it might look a bit desperate. I decided to put my phone on charge and get ready for the day. I grabbed my jeggins, a denim jacket, a white vest top and my under wear. I was up late so no one was using any of the showers, so I had a big selection! I chose the one closet to the stairs.

After having a shower and getting changed and doing my make up I decided to go down stairs to have, ummmm, brunch!? I walked downstairs into the kitchenette and I saw Jess, Harry and Louis standing awkwardly in there. I looked on confused when Jess quickly glanced at Harry and blushed... what happened last night!?

Jess's P.O.V

"Oh hi Connie", I laughed trying to break the awkward silence and hopefully give Connie time to catch up with why two members of one direction were standing in our kitchen. 

"Louis came round to see you Connie, and Harry came with him", i said hoping she'd get the gist. 

"Err, yeah", mumbled Harry.

"Food, anybody", I said. Connie leaped at the chance of food and sat down at the table as did Louis and Harry. I brought over some cereal, milk, toast and stuff to go on the toast. Ii sat down and ate some toast and jam, and Connie had a mini feast with Louis, and we all just talked.

"So where's everyone else", asked Connie.

"Well, Zayn was still asleep, Liam was at the gym and Niall was going to Nando's so we cam here", said Harry. I stood up and put my dish in the sink.

"I'll be back in a minute, I'm just going to get changed out of err these things", I mumbled the end tugging the hem of my pajama shorts.

"Okay, see ya in a bit", said Connie. I ran up the stairs and into me and Connie's bedroom. I put on my undies and deodorant and stuff like that and got dressed. I wore a wild at heart tank top, dark blue dip-dyed skinny jeans, combat boots, a camouflage jacket, a white and blue scarf, flowery hair band, some earrings and I put on some eyeliner, lip gloss and blusher. 

I got half way through doing my make up when Connie walked in. 

"Hey gurl hey!" I said putting on the final touches of my blusher. 

"Hey!... Do you REALLY think Louis came here to see ME?" She said beaming. 

"Well, you know that was one of the first things he said!" I answered getting up from my dresser stool. She looked on Confused. I rolled my eyes, she can be quite dim at times. "After we said hey and all he straight away asked where you were! DUH! He likes you!" I said to her like she was a idiot. I playfully slapped her round the face before walking out the door back down stairs to see the two boys. 

"Hey Ya'll!" Connie said as we entered the room. 

"Hello, again!" Louis said as a smile appeared on his face. We smiled back. 

"So what do you want to do today?" I asked as I poured myself a glass of orange juice. 

"Swimming would be fun!? Or bowling? Or the cinema?" Connie suggested before grabbing the jug off me. Unfortunately for her she has really bad hand-eye co-ordination and the glass jug dropped to the ground smashing to pieces

"CONNIEEEEEEEE!" Miss Briggs screamed through the house. Connie drops so many things so often every time something smashes everyone knows its her! 

"SSSSOOOORRRRRRRRYYYY!" Connie shouted back. 

"Better clean that up!" Harry said and Connie ran to the the small cupboard contain the dustpan and brush. Soon enough she had cleaned it all up and the smashed pieces of glass were in the bin. 

"Now lets get out of here!" She said grabbing her jacket on the back of the chair. 

"Why in such a rush?" Louis asked. 

"Because that was Miss Briggs best jug! Lets go!" I said grabbing my bag and running out the door!





Hello there peoples! :-D Yay I finally wrote the next chapter after what afew months? Any I just want to say sorry for not updating in forever also Jessica is very busy and she can't find any time to write so I (Connie is me!xx) will be writing Jess' pov's from now on! Sometimes Jess will write 

I hope you all like my writing and carry on reading! Yay! Smiley face! .x

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