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We live in a foster home. Both our parents died in a car crash along with my brother and her sister. We were lucky. We were the survivors. Now we've gone from what seemed like a high life up town to running around rags down town. Its all up to a letter from a magazine that can change our lives from then on. By the way, we're Jess and Connie and we now live with the famous boy band one direction.


6. 5.Concert!!! YAY!!!

Connie's P.O.V

After Jess said the freaking concert was TONIGHT I started to panick! I mean seriously!? Who sends out tickets to the winners, for a concert on that very day!? Stupid people thats who! Anyway, I ran tot eh mirror and checked my make up, it was good but it just needed a little touchy uppy, but apart from that, it was PERFECT-ish...

I checked my phone and we had an hour to get there. Now it was time to face... THE NINJAS OF DOOM! (a.k.a me and Jess!) I gave Jess the look and she dug under her bed, and lucky for her she found the poster we use when we sneak out. It was big and covered nearly the whole door, it said on it

'Do Not, we mean DO NOT!

Enter this room!

Got it we are having PRIVATE time!

So Bog off!

See ya later! :)

I grabbed it off her and pinned it to the door. I let Jess walk out first before I closed the door, I am a specially trained Ninja at closeing doors quietly, and Jess is a trained Ninja at walking down creaky stairs quietly! And we are both amazing at everything else! Teehee! I walked after Jess down all the stairs, like a mouse! We got to the ground floor and we did the whole Ninja thing all the way to the door, but that was when we bumped into Briggs... Bugger!

"And where exactly do you think you're going!? Hmmm!?" She said whilst raising her eye brow at us.

"To a concert!" I replied happily, but then I decided to turn on the water works... evil I know. "It's just its to go and see this band that me and my sister used to love, and now shes not w-with u-us any-any more we are going in honer of her..." I trembled as I said it, letting afew tears escape my eyes...

"Oh you poor, poor little darling! Of course you can go! Just be back before midnight!" She said before hugging me and lettiung us pass through the door. LOL! What a push over, and I have to say, she might be a tiny bit STUPID! LOL! We waved to her as we went round the corner and the we collapesed in a big heap of laughter.

"Never thought you wear that good at lying and acting!" Jess said.

"Well what can I say!?" I said fliking my hair back. "I'm a master of the art!" I said before pulling a Ninja pose! I got afew odd stares seeing as it was only six in the afternoon and people were still walking around. I shrugged and me and Jess started sprinting for the O2 arena, lucky for us we are quite close to it! YAY! After about half an hour of running we started to tire and we walked for the last five minutes. Then we turned the corner and found the biggest que we have ever seen! IT WAS MAHOUSIVE! I grabbed Jess' hand and dragged her to the bathroom to freshen up.  looked in the mirror and my make up was fine I just had afew tear stains so I fixed that up and re did my hair which had fallen out in the process of running. I checked myself over and decided I looked okay-ish. So when Jess was finally ready we walked casually over to the ticket booth, just to find out we were the last people in. On the tickets it said that we were the winners of the competition, so the kind lady congratulated us and got security to show us to our seats. We got to them to find two girls sitting in them!

"Ummm, cough cough! You're in our seats!" I said bitterly to the two girls, who looked about our age.

"And what gives you that impression!?" The snobby, stuck up one said.

"Well maybe its because, security showed us to these seats and also, it says on our tickets that these are OUR seats NOT YOU'REs!" I said emphizing our and not you'res!

"Yeah right! Like security lead you here!? Like you would ever win the competition! Only the band and the competition winners get ecorsted by security!" She said again.

"Well, looky here!" I said bringing out my ticket and backstage pass, " Yeah, thats right! You're looking at the competition winner right here!" I siad pointing to Jess.

"HELL YEAH!" Jess shouted drawing some attention to us. Teehee!

"Well, now we have proved you wrong, would care to go back to you're seats!? Please!?" I said in a sickly sweet voice with a big fake grin on my face.

"Ughhh, go *$@% youre self!" she shouted at us before storming off with he little follwer going close behind. LOL! I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever admit defet!

We took our seats and just then the boys ran on stage and started singing!

"Ahhhhhhhhh, I LOVE YOU LOUIS!" I screamed, before giggling when Harry looked at me and made a sad face.

"Love you to Harry!" I screamed back and giggled because he smiled and started doing a silly dance. I looked over to Jess who was i a trance because of Niall! I giggled at her and made her dance and sing the words along to the songs with me. Soon enough we were in full fan mode and we were doing the wole Stop The Traffic, Bring them Through, dance. LOL! Such Fun! Teehee...

Jess's P.O.V-

Once the concert began I couldn't stop dancing and singing! I kept waving, trying to catch their attention, and it seems I did. I saw Harry wink at me a couple of times, maybe they knew where the competition winner was, and Niall kept smiling at me. Every time he did my stomach got butterflies and my head went into a confused muffle. He made me jittery. 

Doesn't time fly when your having fun. It sure does when your at a One Direction concert. Eventually the boys, as I'm going to call them, said goodbye and people and I realized that security was standing right beside us waiting for us to follow them. I got up and nudged Connie rather hard making her 'Owww' and rub her arm. I picked up my bag and slipped out of the chairs to where the security guards were.

They walked us to the boys dressing room and told us to take a seat because the boys had to do a signing which would take a while. Their dressing room, was big. For five boys. It had a long mirror with a cabinet sticking out from underneath with a chair sticking out so basically and dressing table and a three seater sofa and a single sofa. I took the single sofa and dumped my bag on the peg next to the TV. Connie was giving me the look that said 'what the hell are you doing'.

"I am getting comfortable, you know he said half an hour so I have nothing to do for half an hour", I explained. Connie shrugged and went and sat on the other sofa. I found the TV control and switched it on, there wasn't many channels so I just found MTV and put in on. I grabbed a hair tie and pulled my hair back into a high ponytail. I weren't going to try and impress the boys anymore. I think I've finally got over the fact that the boys won't just fall head over heels for me and this will probably be the first and last time I ever see them. Basically I weren't planning on making a lasting impression. 

I took my jumper of and dumped it next to my bag. Suddenly the song 212 came on and I have a very special dance that goes with that. There's one part in the music video where she does poses against a wall while moving back and forth. Lets say I do that the whole song. Guess what? The boys just had to come in that exact moment when I was doing the hip! How embarrassing. Connie was sneering at me, and I swear I could see Harry drooling? Not normal at all.

"Your the contest winner?", asked Liam. I nodded, blushing a deep scarlet. Teenagers entering a kids magazine contest, now I could see that we looked stupid. I looked at Connie, giving her the 'speak for me' look. She got my message. Luckily.

"Hi, I'm Connie and this is Jess. She won the competition!", she went and shook the boys hand so I did as well. Oh god I'm so awkward. At least I wasn't fan girling... out loud. I why did I become so quiet all of the sudden.

"So where'd you girls come from?", asked Niall. His Irish accent was so adorable. Connie looked at me to say 'you answer this one'.

"We come from Basingstoke but we live in London now", I said looking at Harry to see if he recognized the place. I could almost see his mind working and processing it. He clapped his hands and pointed his fingers at us.

"Basingstoke........ Thats where my old friends Harry and Jack live!", he shouted!

"Harry and Jack Preston by any chance", I said smirking.

"Yeah how do you know them?", he asked with a confused look.

"Their my cousins actually", I said still smirking.

"Your that Jess, they talked about you loads, and now I've finally met you", He said, smiling at me showing of dimples. I think I am falling for this boy even though I've only just met him. Crazy, stupid love.

Author Notes/ Hey guys hope your enjoying it so far!!!!!!!!!!!! The cousin part is true but they are my uncles and I have never met him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( xxxx

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