Adopted By 1D

We live in a foster home. Both our parents died in a car crash along with my brother and her sister. We were lucky. We were the survivors. Now we've gone from what seemed like a high life up town to running around rags down town. Its all up to a letter from a magazine that can change our lives from then on. By the way, we're Jess and Connie and we now live with the famous boy band one direction.


4. 3. Waiting...

Connie's P.O.V-

*Mama told me not to waste my life, she said spread you're wings my little butterfly. Don't let what they say keep you up at night, and if they give you shhhh then they can walk on by*

I jumped up to the sound of my alarm, Little Mix is another of my favourite bands, my alarm changes each day, One Direction, Little Mix and then Ed Sheeran. It goes round in a loop, a different artist each day! Teehee! I danced over to my phone and when it got to the chours I danced round like a stoopid person! I started spinning round in lots of circles before falling over flat on my face.

"Awww, you're so smart!" Jess said clapping.

"I know!" I said nodding my head and shrugging my shoulders. I picked myself up and went over to the little window above my bed. I opened it and stuck my hand out, a cool breeze hit me. I decided it was a shorts and leggins day. I went over to the chest of draws and pulled out my red shorts, black leggins and a baby pink bat-wing top. I checked the time and it said it was eleven. Mrs Briggs is gonna get a load outta this! She HATES it when people wake up late! I cba to have a shower so I put on lots of deodrent and my charlie body spray. I decided to just brush my hair and leave it down today, simple. I put on my make up and headed downstairs.

I got to the kitchen and grabbed the last slice of bread, I added some strawberry jam and started munching on my feast! I walked out the kitchen door to find Mrs Briggs standing there tapping her foot, impacient (sp) much!?

"And what time is this may I ask!?" She said raising her eyebrows.

"I would say it is probally round about quarter past!? Just estimating here!" I said. she rolled her eyes before saying:

"Don't you have an alarm!?"

"Why yes, yes I do!" I replied.

"Why don't you use it then!?"

"Oh I do, just when I have nothing to do, like today, I set it quite late on!" I say. I pate her head and skip back to our bedroom.

"You come back here missy! Or you are grounded!" She screamed up the stairs.

"LOL! NO!" I shouted back. You see I dont really care if she grounded me because I just put on the water works and say I am sorry and I will be much better from then on! I kinda stick by my word, I haven't played one of my practical jokes on her for a while! 

When I got to our room Jess was lounging around on the bed, I walked over to my bed and pulled out my second hand cheap laptop from under it. I switched it on and I swear half of my day went by just waiting for it to switch on! It finally went onto the home screen, I clicked on the internet and waited what seemed like a day for it to load. I sat there tapping the screen waiting for it. I am pretty lucky for having this laptop, most foster kids have like no clothes! Because I have only been a foster kid for a year I still have all the things I had when I had a family... I looked over to my bed-side table to see a picture of my mum, dad and my older sister. I stroked all their faces remembering all the good times we had... One single tear rolled down my face, I wiped it away quickly just to make sure no-one saw. I am the funny one who doesn't give a care, I have to stay stong for the others.

When the internet had finally loaded I went on my favourite's, I clicked on One Direction Fan Base. Straight away on the home page there was the competion printed right there! I checked the ending date... tomorrow... great another day of waiting! RAWR! I hate waiting!...

*Next Day*

Jess's P.O.V

I woke up and knew that today was the day. The post was arriving today and I was just hoping there was a letter in there for me or Connie. Two backstage passes and two front row tickets just for us. Now lets make this clear, Connie is the bigger fan here. I have a little crush on Niall, but she has the biggest crush on Louis. I like some of there songs and know a few songs of by heart. On the other hand Connie knows all there songs of by heart.

I swung my legs over the bed and slipped my feet into my slippers stopping them from touching the literally ice floor. I skidded to the stairs and ran down to make sure I was at the bathroom first. See I got up early so I could have the bathroom for myself and no interruptions. See let me tell you it was five o'clock and even Mrs Briggs wasn't up so I had the whole house to myself.

I showered and wrapped a towel around myself peeked out of the door to check if any one was around. I shut the door as quietly as possible being sure not to wake anyone and crept up the stairs. I opened the door, grabbed some tights, shorts and a over- sized t-shirt that fell just below the shorts.

I went to the corner of the room where the dressing screen was and got dressed behind it. Yes we have a dressing screen, it was a gift from a person before we were forced to move into this place. Once I was dressed I went and sat on my bed and grabbed my socks from my drawer. I grabbed possibly the messiest pair I had. I walked on all fours over to the head board of my bed. Over it was a huge canvas melted crayon art that I had did when I was younger. I lifted the bottom up and took my diary and pen out of the hole chiseled behind it. I was the only person that knew it was there. Even Connie didn't know.

I went over to the window at the front of the building. It was the old white and rusty type with at least four lines going down and three going across. I drew back our light pink curtains and unlatched the window. I sat on the window seat. It had a floral sheet covering it as well as the pillows. Underneath the window there was a small flat dip surround by railing that were old and brown. I was stood there in the mornings everyday and I watched the sun come up. I let the wind whip and slap my cheeks until I could feel them burning from the cold and couldn't take anymore.

Once I'd seen the sun come up I stepped back inside and sat down and began to write in my diary.

Wednesday 15th


Dear Diary,

Today's the day. The post is coming and hopefully there will be one in there for me and Connie. It could be our break away from reality. We could have fun for once without having to worry about the kids and Mrs Briggs finding out. We would meet one direction and it will be fantastic until the sun comes up and reality sets in once again. If we don't win, I'll put the happy face and say I'm fine, really and nod along even though I'll be devastated. I'll get over it eventually though, I've got over my families deaths and all so nothing more can climb my walls. I have noticed that whenever Connie looks at her pictures she always cries and tries to make sure no one notices. Well I'll tell you later if we got them and if I don't you know the answer...


I hopped of the couch and hid my diary behind the canvas and went down stairs to make myself breakfast. A few little kids were up. I picked Charlotte up and tickled her under the chin before putting her down. I grabbed a orange from toe fruit bowl and peeled it before going upstairs. Well actually I had a little eavesdrop before I went up. I had my ear up against Mrs Briggs study and listened very carefully to what she was saying.

"I personally think that Connie and Jess need to be split up..... Why? Because they depend on each other and do everything together!.... No its not all right in a year they are going to have to move out and be independent and they need to have that skill for their own welfare!.... Good... Yes... Not yet they don't I'll break it to them as soon as possible... Thank you", I heard her hang up. I ran up the stairs before she could stop me. As soon as I got upstairs I shook Connie until she was fully awake. I held her shoulders and looked straight into her eyes.

"Mrs Briggs is splitting us up!", I whispered.  

A/N -Ohhhhh so theres a little bit of drama right at the end... Will they get the letter? If they do will the concert be before they get split up?? Keep reading, favoriting (thats not even a word) and liking to find out!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone xx

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