Adopted By 1D

We live in a foster home. Both our parents died in a car crash along with my brother and her sister. We were lucky. We were the survivors. Now we've gone from what seemed like a high life up town to running around rags down town. Its all up to a letter from a magazine that can change our lives from then on. By the way, we're Jess and Connie and we now live with the famous boy band one direction.


11. 10. WHAT!?

Connie's P.O.V 

I woke up to the gentle strumming of a guitar, no I wasn't being slowly woken up by someone singing a beautiful song, it was my phone alarm, Wonder Wall. Just before the singing started I cut it off, so I didn't forget. I went over to the chest of drawers and grabbed some clothes. A denim top tied at the bottom, some red jeans and my undies. I honestly couldn't be bothered with a shower so I put on a lot of deodorant and body spray. I put on my new favorite charm bracelet, some flower earrings and a infinity necklace. I put my hair down in it's normal fashion with another flower headband. 

Happy I walked downstairs into the living room, skipping breakfast. Chloe, Jess and Eddie were in there watching the telly, Jason and Lucas were playing pool and Hallie sat on the computer being the nerd she is. I sat down on the couch next to Chloe and pulled her on to my lap, she giggled and I tickled her feet, and she giggled even more. 

"Now, why aren't you dressed missy!?" I asked trying to looked strict at her. 

"I'm sowy! I couldn't open the draw!" She said looked sad. 

"Fine I will forgive you, as long as you go get changed now, if you get changed and oped that draw all by your self Jess and I will play hide and seek with you and Eddie!? How does that sound!?" I asked, she nodded her head and eagerly jumped of my lap and did her cute little run off to her small, small, very small bedroom. 

"Hey gurl hay!" I said to Jess. 

"HEYYYY!" She said excitedly. 

"Why so excited?" I asked. 

"Well, Harry told us that we have a surprise later today and I am so excited, I can't wait in till we find out what it is!" She said basically jumping up and down on the seat. I wanted to jump around with her but Miss Briggs doesn't appreciate us jumping around and screaming, apparently we might 'brake the floor boards and cave in the ceiling.' Normally I would go against her, but today I really couldn't be bothered to talk to her so... 

"Cwonnie! I'm weady!" I heard as Chloe ran into the room with her little leggings falling down and her floral top all tucked up at the back. I sighed as I got up off the couch, pulled up her leggings and sorted out her top, after running my hand through her hair to sort it out I agreed to play hide and seek with her and Eddie. 

"Okay Jess and I will stay here and count and then you two will go and hide... then we are going to find find you and capture you forever!" I said tickling their tummies to make them squeal and run off in different directions. Jess and I sat back down on the sofa and talked for about five minutes before deciding it was time too go and search for the little children! 

"We're coming to find youuuuu!" Jess shouted out and we heard Chloe's little giggle from upstairs, then some quiet footsteps. We creeped up the stairs just as we saw Eddie run into the Bathroom, he'll probably hide behind the shower curtain. Before going to find him we searched in other rooms just too spread the game out longer. 

We finally got to the bathroom and he wasn't there!? 

"I here someone up stairs." Jess whispered too me whilst pointing in the direction of our room...

Jess's P.O.V

Connie and I tip toed up our small staircase to our room, I was in front so I opened the door as quietly as I could. I saw a small spread out lump on my bed and on Connie's. She saw them as well and went over to her bed, I went over to mine and mouthed 3...2...1... before pulling the duvets up and screaming 'I FOUND YOU!' at them. Both of the little kids squealed as we tickled them. 

"Ahh girls there you are, I've been searching for you everywhere! There's someone here to talk to you!" Miss B said walking in the clasping her hands together with an excited grin on her bright red lipsticked mouth. "Come with me!" She said before ushering us out the room. Eddie grabbed hold of my hand and Chloe begged to be picked up by Connie. 

We followed Briggs down to her office, when we got down there she made Chloe and Eddie stay behind as we went through to her office. In there sat the one and only Mr. Simon Cowell! 

"WHAT?" Connie asked, her mouth forming the perfect 'O'. 

"Well, girls I am so happy to announce that Mr. Cowell here has asked to be your adopted father!" Briggs said clapping her hands together smiling the biggest smile I have ever seen. 

"WHAT?" This time it was my turn to ask that. 

"Well the boys got on with you girls so well I thought maybe I should become your adopted father so you can go on tour with the boys!?" He said clasping his hands together as well. 

"Right girls, we have got to sign some pieces of paper to confirm this then you will be off with Mr.Cowell! Now girls go start packing your things!?" 

We both nodded our heads slowly and back out of the room. When we got out the door closed on our faces before we turned to each other. 

"WHAT!?" We both screamed into each others faces! 


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