Adopted By 1D

We live in a foster home. Both our parents died in a car crash along with my brother and her sister. We were lucky. We were the survivors. Now we've gone from what seemed like a high life up town to running around rags down town. Its all up to a letter from a magazine that can change our lives from then on. By the way, we're Jess and Connie and we now live with the famous boy band one direction.


2. 1. My Favorite Place And The Magazine

Connie's P.O.V-

*Lately I found myself thinking, been dreaming about you a lot, and up in my head I'm your boyfriend, but that's one thing you've already got*

My alarm sang in perfect harmony. I smiled as I woke up, One Direction is my favourite band ever! I wish one day I could meet them! I got/fell out of my bed and turned off my phone alarm on the other side of the room, where the only socket was. I looked over to Jesses bed and she wasn't there... always a early riser she is... well sometimes... I checked my Twitter to see if 1D had tweeted last night. Nada. I went over to my chest of draws and started rummiging through my top draw before going through my jeans draw. I pulled out a white bat-wing top, a white vest top, skinny jeans and some underwear. I walked down the creaky stairs down to the middle floor (me and Jess got the attic room, Whopp Whoop!) I was then walking towards the bathroom across the hall when I saw the sun shining through the window. I opened it up and stuck my hand out, it was suprisingly quite warm for England! I then ran back up the stairs to my and Jess' room and grabbed some tights and high-waisted jean shorts.

I then ran back to the bathroom and had to fight Jason (a twelve year old foster kid like me!) to get in, I won of course! I said I had girl problems going on right now, that scared him away... always does! I then jumped into the shower and had a quick wash, I couldn't be botherd with a hair wash! I hopped out, dried myself and got changed into my clothes and walked back to our bed room.When I walked out the door I found a desperate looking Jason.

"Finally! I have been waiting ages!" He said.

"You do know there is a bathroom downstairs!?" I said more of a statement then a question.

"Yeah! But someone is hogging it! No woutta my way I gotta pee!" He said before pushing me out the way.

"Rude!" I said and continued to my bedroom. I sat down at my chest of draws and applied my daily make up, no foundation, powder, blush or bronzer (it all looks fake to me!) some black mascara, eye liner (only on the top) and some clear lip gloss. I brushed my curly dark brown hair, I am going to dye it darker... almost black soon! I put a flower head band on top of my head, I looked a bit like a gypsy but, oh well! I put my gloss and my phone into a small shoulder bag before heading downstairs. I walked into the kitchen, where most of the other kids and adults were.

"Hello Everyone!" I said cheerfully, I grabbed a bannana from the fruit bowl and started eating it whilst leaning against the counter.

"I see you have finally turned up for breakfast young lady!" Mrs Briggs said standing in front of me and tapping her foot.

"Yeah, guess I did!" I said shrugging my shoulders and having another bite of my bannana.

"Are you trying to be cheeky!?" Mrs. B said.

"Acctually, no! For once I am not!" I said shrugging my shoulders again and finishing my bannana and chucking it into the bin. SCORE!

"Do you want to be grounded, again!?" She said.

"From what!? Speaking!?" I said. By this time she was already fumming, and it was only nine thirty! Yay a new record!

"Ughhhhhh!" She said.

"Look I know we are not the best of friends...especially after the whole flour eggy hair mess... but you have to deal with the fact I made you're look so much better than before!" I said holding her sholders, I loved being that inch or so taller than her. I giggled at the memory of her angry face with eggs and flour all over her! It was so funny! Me and Jess have been legends here ever since we did that, and it was only our first week here!! I guess that is why they said we could have the attic room!

"That's it! You're grounded!" she shouted! I rolled my eyes at her before walking away towards Jess who was with the other kids at the table.

"Lets go! Please!" I said before grabbing her hand and pulling her out the house, to town!

Jess's P.O.V-

"Connie where are we going?", I called as she dragged me along the pavement. I could easily just slip out of her grip or if her grip got even tighter I could just wrestle her or tiggle her until she let go. The thing is Connie is tall but I'm just about a inch taller.

"To town", she yelled over the extremely loud traffic that was rushing around in London. Now let me get this straight, I. Love. Town. Its actually called festival place but most people call it town. I practically live there. Its a shopping centre and you can find everything to anything in there. That's why I love it. I slipped my hand out of Connie's grip.

"I can take my self there. ya know, I'm not a baby. You may be the older one but I am the mature one here!", I said whilst Connie rolled her eyes.

"You are so not the mature one here. I am!", she shouted.

"Oh yeah when have I not been mature", I said folding my arms across my chest

"At your last party you tackled everyone that walked into the door. Including me! You almost blew up the microwave making hot chocolate! Oh and don't forget you have a spaz attack everyday!", she shouted counting them on her fingers, but trust me she didn't have enough fingers to count. "And you broke my finger!", she shouted.

"1. Your allowed to go wild at a party. 2. You were there when I was making hot chocolate and I couldn't tell if the mug was metal or not!.3. I only have a spaz attack when I'm excited.4. And the finger was a accident!", I shouted making random gestures with my hands along the way. 

"Yeah but..", I cut her off. "Town!", I shouted before running of in the direction of town. I heard Connie running behind me trying to keep up. I am very fast by the way. Once we were in town, I headed straight for Topshop. Although I had no money doesn't mean I couldn't try it on. I grabbed a shirt, a few dresses and a coat. I walked into the changing rooms. Everything fitted almost perfectly. I hung them back on the hangers and lied to the lady that none of them fit. She asked me about different sizes but I just shooed her away. Connie was waiting outside of the shop, flicking through a magazine.

"What you got there?", I asked skipping over to her and linking arms with her. We walked over to Millie's Cookies and sat down on pink chairs with the backs shaped like donuts opposite each other. 

"It says something about one direction tickets!, she said her voice sounding excited. She began reading out in her low voice. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the magazine off her. I began reading.

"Any lucky winner could end up with two tickets to next one direction concert along with backstage passes." I looked at Connie who was almost bouncing in her seat. I rolled my eyes and carried on. "All you need to do is draw a picture of the boys and hope it will be better than the rest of the entries. Good luck", I finished reading. Me and Connie were artistic and creative. I had got and A in art along with Connie. Connie stopped bouncing and looked at me. I knew she wanted ideas.

"Why don't we both do one so we've got twice as much chance to win?", I said hoping to give her an idea. 

"Brill but what will we draw them with?", she asked. Obviously my idea giving hadn't worked this time. I shrugged to say 'I dunno' like I usually would. See thats how I'm mature. I don't waste my breath.

"Well we've only got a few choices so pencil, crayon, chalk, or pen!", I said nodding my head as I said them. At the house they were the only things us and the kids had. Along with paper, but Mrs Briggs never bothered to get us anything else.

"Well then lets go!", she shouted and we both ran back to the house. It was tiring and by the time we got back I felt like I could pass out. It was like the beep testes all other again. I grabbed the pencils, crayons and pens and ran up the two flights of stairs to where Connie was waiting and ready to draw in our room.

A/N- Well I am really happy right now. We ahve 8888888!!!!!!!!!! favorites already and its only been up for about half a day so yeah I have been super excited because I feel like this story could be BIG!!!!!!!!!!! So read away, my favorite carrots so far!!!! XXX

- From Jess. D 

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