Adopted By 1D

We live in a foster home. Both our parents died in a car crash along with my brother and her sister. We were lucky. We were the survivors. Now we've gone from what seemed like a high life up town to running around rags down town. Its all up to a letter from a magazine that can change our lives from then on. By the way, we're Jess and Connie and we now live with the famous boy band one direction.


1. 0. Let Me Introduce

Jess's P.O.V-

Let me introduce myself.

I am turning seventeen soon and my name is Jessica Olivia Doyne.

I prefer to be called Jess and am always teased by other kids about my surname.

I used to have a home and a family but that all changed. All because of a car crash.

My mother and father died as well as my little brother.

Now I am in London living in a foster home with this mean old brat that who owns this place called Mrs Briggs.

Connie's P.O.V-

Introduction time-

I am seventeen and my name is Constance Marie Mcguigan.

I am never called Constance only ever Connie.

Like Jess I used to have a family and loads of pets but they died in a stupid car crash.

My mother and father died along with my older sister leaving me alone in the world.

I live with Jess and lots of other kids in the foster home with Mrs Briggs.

A/N- So there's the main characters and no hate towards the names as they are our real names. The names are the only part thats really true in the introduction so be happy and don't worry. Please now read that in the singy voice you should of read it in. Good. Well I hope you enjoy this movella as much as we enjoy writing it!!!!!


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