One Direction Imagines

Hello little corrots (my readers) theese are my imagines for you in the comments give your name,username, the 1D boy of your choice,and a rating (ex. pg.13, R, pg, etc.) This is my first Movella and I will update as much as possible.
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4. For Stylesprincess1234 Juliet and Harry (pg13)

Juliet's P.O.V.

I was walking in the mall with my two best friends, Beathany and Emma. Beathany ran up to a group  of boy and I rolled my eyes and started to walk away."Juliet don't you walk away from me, get your tiney little ass over here," yelled Emma and I just kept walking slowing down just to make her mad I was just about to continue walking when I heard someone walking behind me."Stop following me Emma," I said rather rudely." It's not Emma love," said a deep british accent. I turned around and there I saw the most good looking guy I have ever seen. I realized I was staring when he said ," Take a picture it will last longer, oh and by the way I'm Harry." I blushed an d looked down then I said ," Hi, I'm Juliet." He lifted my head and looked me in the eyes ,"Your beautiful." I blushed again but didn't look down. "Well, Juliet will you do me a favor?" he asked. "Depends on what the favor is," I responded. He pulled me into the Victoria's Secret and handed me a gold thong and bra and showed me to the fiitting rooms. I tried them on then changed back into my clothes with the underwear underneath just to anger Harry. When I came out he said," Wait I don't get to see?" 

"You will have to catch me first," I challenged and as soon as I said that he scooped me up and ran into the changing room. He saw my bra and panties on the ground and he chuckled as he felt me squirm. At that I felt my pussy grow wet as I wanted him. He took off my shirt and revealed the metalic bra. Next went my toms and pants. Again he laughed at me but for adifferent reason ," You planned this part didn't you." He looked down at my drowning pussy and he slowly slid his hand in the thng to rub me softly. I moaned softly then I hear a announcement ," This store will be closing in five minutes please take all your items and thanks for shopping at Victoria's Secret."

"Shit," I said ," can we continue this at my house."

Harry laughed ," Of course."  

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