One Direction Imagines

Hello little corrots (my readers) theese are my imagines for you in the comments give your name,username, the 1D boy of your choice,and a rating (ex. pg.13, R, pg, etc.) This is my first Movella and I will update as much as possible.
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Thaks to all my little carrots and I love yu all.



2. For Mrs.Payne123 and Liam

Alyssa'S P.O.V.

I was walking home from school when some drunk creep confronted me and pushed me in an alleyway in London. I tripped on God knows what and fell on my ass. He was about to jump on me when a fist flew and hit him in the face the man kept punching his nose.

The creep passed out and the other man walked over to me,"Are you alright," he asked me," I'm sorry I couldn't help earlier  I was in shock the he would do that."

"Wait you know him!" I yelled.

"Sadly yes," he mumbled," he is my bodygaurd," what is your name love?"

"Alyssa but you can call me Aly thamkyou for helping me," I thanked him.

"I'm Liam nice to meet you Aly, but not exactly in this way," he said and he took me to his home to get over the shock.

Well that was three years ago and now Liam and I are happily dating.



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