2012: A Year to Remember

This is my review of 2012 for the journalism competition. Hope you like it.


1. 2012: A Year to Remember

2012. A year not many will forget. So much has happened this year. We had the diamond jubilee, the london olympic games, even the end of the world. I know I had my fair share. Pony camp, sitting my GCSEs, making a life decision to stay on or leave school, the release of the Hunger Games and Take Me Home. But for me there is one event that many will tremble of the very name of. A name I remember experiancing both with excitement and fear in my mind. An event I don't want to remember but will never forget. GCSE results day.

Results day. You've done the revision, you've done the exam. But you are waiting for the results. Will it be a pass or a fail? A fear of the unknown that eats away at students every year. I can still recall it vividly. The sleepless night before, waking up at six although school opens at eight, getting ready quicker than normal, walking into the assembly hall, recieving the envelope. The brown envelope. Seems insigificant but it is an envelope that can bring cheers or tears. It holds your results inside it. It holds your future. It can make or break every decision you've made for the coming years. Then there's the tension as you peel it open. Shakily lifting out the piece of paper. Then you hear the gasps followed by whoops of delight or cries of despair as everyone looks at their results. I was lucky. All passes. I think it's safe to say I partied all day that day. But not everyone was so lucky. I hear there were many tears that day. Many dreams shattered.

Many of us wanted to return to school. Many didn't. Once the exams were over it was out of our hands. We held our futures in that brown envelope. I remember my joy as I read the cover letter:

"We are delighted to offer you a place in year 13 to further your studies." An overwhelming feeling. This was part of my life dream come true. There was no question as to what my answer would be.

I am now studying my A-Levels and next summer I will have to live the experiance all over again. The fear, the tension, the excitement or the tears. The fear of the unknown is terrifying. But we can have some control over it. Revision. The harder we work the better our chances. I am working as hard as I can. I will get those passes I need.

So the next time I open the brown envelope. No matter what the results, I will know I did my best.

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