beauty&the beat (1d)

its a story about marissa she was going through a HARD time since her friend leaves to go to texas here is here story about her will she meet her friend agian or will she meet a boy and her friend????


3. text message

:)shay's p.o.v:) i was just walking in to my house when i got a text from marissa i havent seen her since i left we keep in touch its really hard not to see her we where 10 and my life changed i am a week older then her so it was hard to have your best friend/sister not there by your side but i made really good friends and i still keep her in my heart. so when she texted me

m:hey can you come to my house tommorow

s: yea adress and time

m: 12:00 & 138 putter piont dr

s: thanks see you then

i wAs so i whent to bed at 1:00 you know that moment when yiu have something that you cant wait for and you cant fall asleep yea thats me right now i turn ted the tv on and it was the news it was about liam payne and this girl who looked a lot like marissa i was tired finally and whent to bed it was amazing me and marissa love one direction it going to be werid seeing her brown eyes i havent seen them in a long time 8 years it was going to be the best day i am going to love it ~:)shay:) sorry its short HAPPY 2013 LOVE YOU GUYS FOR MY NEW YEARS REVLOUTION PLEASE GET US TO 20 FAVORITES OR MORE IN ANYTHING PLEASE THANKS!!!!!!!!!<3

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