beauty&the beat (1d)

its a story about marissa she was going through a HARD time since her friend leaves to go to texas here is here story about her will she meet her friend agian or will she meet a boy and her friend????


5. seeing marissa

i woke up around 10:00 and got ready i drove to her place i was so happy to see her i rang the door bell and there was marissa smiling from ear to ear i hugged her so tight its been and long time i was so happy that i saw her and i went inside and there was niall and liam i stop at my steps thee was niall smiling i smiled and blushed i was thinking in my head holy crap there is niall horan i sat down and hour later he gave me his number and we texted in akward dituations like when marissa and liam kissed yeah akward right but i had fun marissa inveted me to be her roommate cause i'm starting school tommorow to work in a bakery in englad niall asked me to be his gf i said yes ~shay sorry its short


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