beauty&the beat (1d)

its a story about marissa she was going through a HARD time since her friend leaves to go to texas here is here story about her will she meet her friend agian or will she meet a boy and her friend????


2. letting my anger out

*marissa's p.o.v*

everything in my life is kinda.. ehhh at the moment...two of my best friends.. well,ex-best friends hate me now... and i but anyway,they've been calling me names and stuff. I am tired of it.. so i decided to play drums drums are my only escape. music is my life i dont know what i'd do without it. but anyways, ive played little drums for a long time. and when ever i am angry i play drums...i let all my anger out through drums. i whent into my garage & opened the door so i wouldnt get too hot & i started to play.. just random beats & suff that i made up.. and then i noticed someone standing there watching me.. i stopped& looked at him it was liam payne from one direction. i put down my sticks & and walked towards him. he smiled and said "your really good." i blushed a bit and said "oh thanks." he looked down at the ground then said "can i have your number?" i was kinda shocked at first,but then of course i said yes..and then he left i shurgged and whent back to playing drums.. later that night i got a text from him and we talked all night. we really got to know eah other 

*1 month later*

liam & i are best friends noww along with the rest of the boys. liam invited me to hang out at the boys house (flat). so we're all just hanging out & watching tv (telly) i fely my phone vibrate in my pocket i took it out there was a text from someone it was one of my best frinds who hates me now because of the drama it was a mean text. it really got to me so i got up to go to the bathroom i came upon the music room inside there was drums. i smiled a little and without thinking i went into the room and started playing. letting out all my anger i got so mad where i ended braking the drumsticks. i didnt realize all the boys were watching me unitl i looked up. i said "oh uhmm i am sorry i just i uhh sorry" i felt tears comeing down my cheecks and i ran past the boys and out the door to my car. it was pouring rain outside it was dark and real wet my sight became blurry because of my tears and i fumbled with my keys. then someone grabed my arm i trun around it's liam. he pulled me into a tight hug and asked me what was wrong i said quitley " im tried if being bullird by 2 people who where once my best friends i cant even i cant do it anymore" he wiped away my tears and said protectively said "who called you those names!?!!!!!!??" just 2 people who used to be my best friends one of them was my best friend since 2nd grade and the other one was my  friend since 6th grade and there calling me mean things & i am tired of it!!" i said. he gave me another hug and then said "just dont listen to them and by the way you where good at drums in there" i smailed and said 'thanks i play drums when im upset, drums are my escape there just my life i love playing them". he looked at the ground i said "are you ok li?"he looked up and took my hands in his and said "look ive loved you since we frist met, and it hurts me to see you cry, but i want to be the one that you go to when youre sad. i whant to be able  to comfort you i want you to be mine. will you be my girlfriend?????" i smiled and said of course i will! he slowly leaned down and kissed me on the lips it was perfect. a perfect kiss in the rain, i pulled away slowly and smiled. he smiled and said "now lets get ypu inside out of this rain" he grapped my hand and we ran into the house and dried off it was freezing when we walked in.the boys looked at us and said "so? what happened?" liam and i looked at each other and smiled "well where dating" said liam with a smirk, the boys fell silent &stared at us it was akward at first but then they all congratulated us i was pretty cold and i am pretty sure liam could tell cause my teeth where chattering. he got up and grabbed a big blanket and then wrapped it around the 2 of us & we watched some tv (telly). i told niall that i had a friend who i thought he  would get on really well so i texted shaylor ( shay for short) & and told her to come to my house the next day, and then that kinda changed evrything ~ marissa.c:

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