beauty&the beat (1d)

its a story about marissa she was going through a HARD time since her friend leaves to go to texas here is here story about her will she meet her friend agian or will she meet a boy and her friend????


1. news

(marissa pov) i just heard that shaylor is moving to texas we have been really close are dads worked for each other for 5 years and we were on the cover for there work,but when she moved i thought my life was going to be hard she all ways has my back we played soccer togther,we did everything together when we grew up we haved amazayn relationship, so the time has come she is moving great so me and my mom whent over there to say goodbye it was hard we sat on the wall just talking it was the last time i will being seeing her redhair and green eyes.

(shaylor pov) marrisa just arrived at my house i didnt want to leave we where talking about memories it was the last time i would see her and i have to start 5th grade agian thanks texas laws it was horrible i just got in the car  and started to cry  i wrote an email saying " i will miss you guys i am in the car crying missing you guys hope i can see you guys soon love you".  i got to texas in 13 hours we unpacked we where so worn out where we fell asleep at 10:00 pm we had barley any stuff i talked to marissa and we skyped for a while it was good to see her.

one year later

i am in 6th grade marissa is in 7th grade and we talked she told me about these bullies that made me so upset where i was going to cry i  all ways had her back and she had mine that i was not there to stop it. i was whatiing home viedos andout here and me it was amazing how close are bond over they years and we both like one direction i just miss seeing marissa her dark brown hair and the brown eyes she is my sister in disguse   ~shay:)

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