Love Knows No Limits

This is the Sequel to "Torn Apart - Two Worlds"
If you did not read the original, this may be a bit confusing, but if you don't want to, you don't have to.
What you need to know from Part One - Emma faked being in love with Niall, then said "I don't" at the wedding. Her BFF Sophie was dating Harry, but Harry cheated on Sophie with Emma accidentally, and Sophie broke up with Harry. Now Harry and Emma are dating.

This is two years in the future, Emma is 22, Harry is 21.

Hope you read the story, you won't be disappointed.


1. Memories...

I can't believe the memories that come back.

Meeting Harry Styles when I was 12 years old. I remember every detail of that day.

It was my 12th birthday party. Even though I have a January birthday, we were always moving, so we didn't have a chance for a party until July. It was so warm, so I had my party at a park with a beach behind it, which is right across the street from me and Harry's current house. My friend Destiny, brought along her cousin, Harry Styles. He was a year younger then everyone else, but he definately caught my eye. While the other kids played grounders, I sat alone at the swings, I didn't want to run around. I was really bored, until Harry came up and asked me to come in the water with him. "I'm too scared" I told him. But he held my hand and I ended up loving it. There ended up being a huge water fight between me and Harry. We were instant best friends.

Another bold memory is when Niall asked me out.

It was right after they had been formed into a band. Harry had introduced me to the others. Niall saw how close me and Harry were, and the first conversation we had he asked if me and Harry were dating. I told him no, because at the time we weren't. The next day, he asked me out. I didn't like him that way though. But I couldn't bring myself to break his heart, so I said yes.

And then there was the wedding day.

Niall proposed two years later. I was 19, so was he. I remember pretending to be ecstatic, and acting as if I was desperately in love with Niall, when really, I was falling hard for Harry. I bought a gorgeous dress, had my hair done and everything. I remember walking down the aisle, faking the biggest fake smile ever. The whole ceremony was a blur until I was required to say "I do". But I couldn't do it. I couldn't marry Niall. So I said "I don't". And then ran home.

So many memories, so many times. But this... This day is special. Because today is my birthday. I'm twenty-two today. I remember my 20th birthday. It sucked.

Harry was out of town, and Sophie still wasn't over Harry cheating on her with me, and him dating me right after they broke up. All of my other friends were in college. So I was all alone. And upset and sad. Because that was when I was being attacked my the media. Especially in magazines. There were numerous headlines and articles calling me a slut, a bitch, an attention whore. It was awful.

But enough talking about memories. I nead to stop living in the past. Today is my day. My time.
I'm 22.
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