Love Knows No Limits

This is the Sequel to "Torn Apart - Two Worlds"
If you did not read the original, this may be a bit confusing, but if you don't want to, you don't have to.
What you need to know from Part One - Emma faked being in love with Niall, then said "I don't" at the wedding. Her BFF Sophie was dating Harry, but Harry cheated on Sophie with Emma accidentally, and Sophie broke up with Harry. Now Harry and Emma are dating.

This is two years in the future, Emma is 22, Harry is 21.

Hope you read the story, you won't be disappointed.


2. A Day To Remember

It's amazing how days can change completely. When this day started out, I thought it would be just another birthday. But I can't believe how wrong I was.

It wasn't until lunch when the day became special. It started out ordinary. Me and Harry decided to have a picnic on that beach we love, because it's now been ten years since we met. Harry's turning 21 in a month, and I was going throw a suprise party. Even though it's January, I don't care, we had a picnic anyway. Harry was suppossed to meet me at the beach, so when I got there, I immediately looked around for him. But I couldn't find him anywhere. I walked over to the spot where we had played in the water as kids. I didn't find Harry, but I did find a circle of rose pedals, and in the centre was a handwritten note. I picked it up. What was Harry up to? I looked at the note, which read:

"Dear Emma,

This is the spot where our journeys together began. And I want it to be the place where a new chapter of our life begins. So please, say yes?"

By now I knew what he was up too. I turned around, and there he was, down on one knee.

"Emma Redstone, ever since we met, I knew there was something special about you. I always cared about you, and over the years I've realized that I don't want to be friends. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and there's only one way to guarantee that. Emma Redstone, will you marry me?"

I of course knew what I would answer. I felt the tears about to spill over, and I haven't even answered yet. "Yes! Of course yes!" I practically screamed, and the tears spilled over as Harry picked me up and spun me around, and then kissing me softly.

This is the happiest day of my life. I am engaged to marry the man who I've loved since I was twelve. I can't believe this. My head is spinning. At my birthday dinner tonight, me and Harry are going to tell anyone. We decided not to tell anyone until then. The dinner would be really awkward with Niall there. Considering I made that same announcement when I was engaged to Niall. It's been two years, and me and Niall are adults, so we found a way to have conversations, but I wouldn't call us friends quite yet. I am excited to let everyone know the news though!

At dinner tonight, me and Harry couldn't wait to tell everyone. But no one else knew, so it was hard to just casually bring it up. We kept dropping hints, but everyone was oblivious. We were freaking out, because we really wanted to tell them! But how do we bring it up? Harry was getting irritated because he always came this close to telling everyone, but then they changed the subject again! Eventually Harry gave up. He stood on a chair, and yelled to the entire restaurant, "EMMA AND I ARE GETTING MARRIED!" And then the whole restaurant burst into applause, and Harry took a few bows before sitting down. Our table was suddenly filled with congratulations. The only person who said nothing was Niall. He just sat there stony faced. He looked really awkward and uncomfortable. But oh well, I won't let it bother me, because this is a fantastic, amazing day, and it is the day I got engaged, and not like with Niall, because this time I want to be engaged.

Today I'm 22, and engaged.

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