Hi my names Claire, Claire Wallace. I'm your average teenaged girl. 19 to be exact, but life for me has been a living hell...My mom and dad are workaholics and I was a surprise. An unwanted surprise. I get bullied a lot at school. Only because I'm shy and unwanted.. I thought about it for a while.. No body wants me. I was going to end my life.. Until this one guy made a difference.


13. The Reaction

Claire's P.O.V

I had told most of the story with my eyes shut tight. Tears slipping every now and then. I told the REAL story. I didn't even tell Zayn this part in Starbucks. I felt kind of relieved. It felt as if some weight was being lifted of my shoulders. It felt nice. I opened my eyes to see Zayn with his head in my shoulder. I could feel his tears on my shirt. Lou was also crying too. Niall just sat there staring. He had a blank expression on his face and he was as pale as a ghost. Harry and Liam looked really hurt. As they all were staring at me it started to feel a little awkward. "So yeah, that's my story." I said standing up. Zayn looked at me confused. "Where you going love?" He asked his voice a little wobbly. "I think I should leave." I said reaching for the door. "No. Don't go." Zayn said standing up. "You can't just leave after telling us all that." He said. I hated this feeling. Where everyone felt sorry for me. I feel like my life is full of sorrow. "I don't know Zayn." I said. I sat by the door and put my head in my hands. Zayn came up to me and sat next to me. He put his arm around my waist. He pulled me into him. My head was laying on his chest. He was twirling my hair and singing gotta be you softly in my ear. The boys got all the ice cream and brought it downstairs. Zayn was still singing into me ear . Lightly kissing my jaw bone in between every couple of words.

Zayn's P.O.V

As a sung to her i processed everything she told me. From her dad to her school. It was just awful. I don't understand how someone could live through that much pain. I needed to get her mind off things. " Would you like to go somewhere with me babe?" I asked her. She looked up and nodded. "What do you have in mind?" She asked. She was still looking at me. A smirk crept on my face. "Well thats a surprise." I said winking. I got up and texted the boys.

Group message ;

Zayn- I'm planning on taking Claire somewhere fun we can go ice skating or bowling maybe? Any ideas ? xx

Boo bear- ICE SKATING!! We can decorate for you! xx

Hazza - i agree with Boo bear x

Nailler- me too !

Leeyyumm- we shall make it special? x

Zayn - yes! Perfect.. Thanks lads! xx

Leeyyumm- we will have it ready in a half hour ! x

Zayn- ok . Perfect . We will be ready in 45 . Then the last 15 minutes we will use to drive there. This is going to be perfect xx

This was going to be perfect. "Claire I will drive you home so you can get dressed." I said smiling, but as soon as she heard the word "home" she frowned. I realized why. I was trying to lighten the mood a little. "Even better how about we go shopping! We can pick out each others outfits!" I said smiling, hoping she could forget about earlier. She blushed and nodded. I grabbed my coat and handed Claire one of my spare coats. She grabbed her phone from the kitchen table and i grabbed mine from my dresser. She ran upstairs to get her shoes and i just threw on Lou's vans. Hopefully he won't be mad.

Claire's P.O.V

I ran downstairs and saw Zayn waiting by the door all dolled up. He looked so cute. As i walked towards him he bit his lip. He looked really nervous. He grabbed my hand and intertwined out fingers. As we walked to his car the cold winter air brushed against my face. I started shivering. Zayn pulled me closer to him so i could stay warm. We got to the driveway and the car was missing. "The lads must've took the car." Zayn said disappointed. "It's alright Zayn. We can walk. Besides the mall isn't so far." I said trying to sound convincing. He looked at me and chuckled. "You know, you always have a way of making something seem fun." Zayn said pulling me into a hug. Our foreheads were touching. I could feel his warm breath on my face. "Well thats just what i do." I whispered. He smirked and leaned in to kiss me. Our lips locked and he was smiling through the entire kiss. Our lips moved together passionately. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer closing all air between us. I started fiddling with his hair at the back of his neck. I slowly dropped my hands to his shoulders. I pulled away smiling. That was the most amazing kiss I've ever had. Our eyes were still locked. Huge smiles on our faces. I started to bite my lip to keep me from smiling wider. Which epically failed. "You look so cute when you try to hide your smile." Zayn said smiling even wider. I felt a blush creeping up to my cheeks. I looked down at my feet trying to hide my face. "Come on now love." Zayn said pulling me in. He had his arms around my waist. We started walking to the mall. I still had a huge smile on my face. We walked in silence for half of the way. We started walking like models crossing our feet over each others. I couldn't stop giggling. We looked like a bunch of kids. I attempted on tripping Zayn but i ended tripping myself. Just as i was about to crash to the floor i felt two strong arms underneath me. I looked up and saw Zayn looking at me smiling. "Im no superman but for you ill be superhuman." He said kissing me. He pulled away and kissed me on the cheek. He picked me up and carried me bridal style. I kept giggling cause He would pretend to drop me or pretend to trip and i would scream terrified. He kept kissing me on the cheek every time he 'tripped'. "Aww aren't you two just adorable!" An old woman said. She was smiling and called her husband. "Rob! Look at these two! Aren't they adorable?!" She said. An old man walked up towards us. "Aww yes they are." He said smiling. "Now c'mon Martha. Lets not bother anyone." He said to her. "Sorry about that. My wife misses being young. Being together for 45 years really hits the spot!" He said chuckling. "Thank you sir." Zayn said. "Well carry on now" he said walking his wife into the candle shop. I couldn't help but laugh. That whole time i was still in Zayns arms. Zayn continued walking. He was silent again. I kissed his jawbone as he carried me. "Zayn." I said while he was walking. "Yes love?" He said. "I want that to be us someday." I said blushing a little. "What? You mean you want us to be all old and weary?!" He said sarcastically. "No!" I said playfully slapping his arm. "I want us to be together for that long. 45 years! Thats a long time. Maybe that can be us some day." I said smiling. Zayn stopped and set me down. He put his arms around my waist and our foreheads were touching. "That WILL be us." He said and he lightly kissed me. "Now c'mon lets go inside." Zayn said. I totally didn't realize we were here. He grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. I couldn't stop thinking about what Zayn said. "That WILL be us."
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