Hi my names Claire, Claire Wallace. I'm your average teenaged girl. 19 to be exact, but life for me has been a living hell...My mom and dad are workaholics and I was a surprise. An unwanted surprise. I get bullied a lot at school. Only because I'm shy and unwanted.. I thought about it for a while.. No body wants me. I was going to end my life.. Until this one guy made a difference.


2. Late for school

Zayns P.O.V

She was beautiful. I think i like her. I don't know. But when i saw the cuts on her arm i wanted to explode. What was going on in her life? Why does she do this to herself? I must've been staring to long because she seemed to be looking at me strangely. I slowly grabbed her hand and looked at the cuts. They were pretty deep. I kissed her hand. "Listen i know we only just met, but I'm here for you. You can tell me anything." She looked surprised. She started to explain her whole story. She had tears falling out of her eyes. I started to tear up too. How could people do this type of thing to her? I motioned her to come sit next to me. She came and let it all out into my chest. She cried for what seemed hours. " S-sh-shh its okay, let it all out" i kept telling her. She took out her phone and checked what time it was. "Crap!" She said. "I'm gonna be late for school" she grabbed her stuff and was about to leave. "Wait!" I screamed after her. I handed her phone to her. I put my number into her phone and her number into mine. Before she left she looked me in the eyes one more time. I couldn't help it. I ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug ever. I picked her up and spun her around. "Thank you Zayn" she said. "No problem. I will always be here. Text me sometime so we can talk."
Claire's P.O.V

I gave him a smile that said don't worry ill be fine and walked out. I ran to my car and sped off to school, turning on the radio. Little things started playing. I sang along not caring how loud i was or how stupid i looked i just kept singing till the end of the song. "That my love was the famous boy band One Direction with Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tommo, Harry Styles, and Liam Payne." I was shocked. Did i just meet Zayn Malik? No i couldn't have. But his voice was so similar to the one on the radio. I pulled into the schools parking lot & ran inside. I got checked in by the administrative office. I immediately ran to class.
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