Hi my names Claire, Claire Wallace. I'm your average teenaged girl. 19 to be exact, but life for me has been a living hell...My mom and dad are workaholics and I was a surprise. An unwanted surprise. I get bullied a lot at school. Only because I'm shy and unwanted.. I thought about it for a while.. No body wants me. I was going to end my life.. Until this one guy made a difference.


18. I can't love you more than this.

Claire's P.O.V

We got home about a half hour later. I saw Zayn sitting on the couch. He was on the phone smiling and laughing. I smiled at him but he just continued to talk on the phone. I rolled my eyes and walked upstairs with El and Dani. "Please tell me you guys saw that." I said mentioning what happened earlier. They nodded obviously annoyed at Zayn. "We'll let's not think about that right now. Dani has a date to get prepared for!" I said smiling. "I call make up!" El yelled from the bathroom. She was getting everything ready. "Okay so we are going to do your make up first so we don't get any on your dress." I said grinning. Dani sat on a stool in front of a long mirror while we did her make up. She was making suggestions on how we should do it. Eventually El ended up adding eyeliner mascara and a touch of white eye shadow. El decided to put a little bit of foundation so it was all real. Dani changed into her dress and put on her shoes. She walked around in them a little to make sure she could atleast walk. She sat down and we decided on what we should do with her hair. We decided to part her hair in the middle and take her bangs and clip them back in a ponytail. We curled the ponytail and the hair left out. She looked perfect. We took a step back to admire our masterpiece. Mission accomplished. Dani checked the time and saw that Liam would be picking her up in a few minutes. Me and El looked like disasters. We walked downstairs with Dani and showed her off to the boys. I looked around and saw Zayn was missing. "Where's Zayn? I need to talk to him." I said asking the boys. They each exchanged glances. "He went out." Harry said. I looked at him for a long time. I could see sorrow in his eyes. I stormed upstairs. "Claire wait!" He called after me. I went into my room and slammed the door shut. I laid on my bed and stared up at the ceiling. I tried to hold back the tears but i couldn't. They came streaming out. I felt like my heart was taken out and ripped apart. It all just hurt so bad. I actually felt the pain in my chest. Slowly building up. I screamed out all the pain like I did when I tried to commit suicide. I walked over to my dresser and looked at myself in the mirror. 'Was I not good enough' i thought to myself. I threw everything off the dresser. I fell on the floor and continued crying. It reminded me of the time when my dad beat me. I closed my eyes and cried even more. I heard foot steps rushing up the stairs. I stood up and walked over to the door. I opened it and left the room. Bumping into Harry's shoulder on the way. I walked downstairs and got on my cream coat and white converse. I looked back at everyone. They were staring at me shocked. I turned around facing the door. I opened it and took one last look at them and walked out.
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