Hi my names Claire, Claire Wallace. I'm your average teenaged girl. 19 to be exact, but life for me has been a living hell...My mom and dad are workaholics and I was a surprise. An unwanted surprise. I get bullied a lot at school. Only because I'm shy and unwanted.. I thought about it for a while.. No body wants me. I was going to end my life.. Until this one guy made a difference.


1. Breakfast with a side of surprise

Claire's P.O.V

Hi, My names Claire Wallace, I've had a pretty horrible life. I came as an unwanted surprise to my parents who are extreme workaholics. Then there's school. The living hell. I just did my work quietly in a corner. I had no friends and everyone called me a loner. After a few years of middle school i was known as the loner of the school. I didn't really care. I just went to school to learn, but somehow they're words always got to me.. That put me in a deep stage of depression. And of course my parents didn't care. All they cared about was work and each other. So I had no one to talk to. I was a loner. I was lonely. But them calling me that didn't make it any better.
It was Wednesday. I kinda like Wednesdays. They remind me I have two more days of hell left, thats what i call school. I got up in the morning and checked my phone. Nobody texted me. The usual. I went on twitter, 20 less followers. I hate myself. I thought. Why couldn't I be normal like everyone else?! The only up side to my parents being extreme workaholics was they bought me anything cause they thought it would make me happy, and they didn't have to care for me, they were totally wrong. I went to take a shower. The hot water splashed on my back as i shampooed my long dirty blond hair. I needed a haircut. It went passed my hips. I got out of the shower and dried my hair. It was 6:30 and i needed to be at school at 7:45. I was the oldest person to be in school. I went to elementary school late so I have to end school at a late age to get my diploma. It was September so school just started. It was my last year. Thank god. I got dressed in some black skinny jeans and a grey flowy top. With some grey toms. It wasn't extremely cold out so i grabbed my white zip up sweater and my bag with my phone and walked out the door. I didnt even say by to my parents.. They were on their laptops or on the phone with their agents. I walked to my car, which happened to be a white convertible mustang. You'd think this girl has it all. She must be really popular! No. Not even close. *15 minutes later* it was only 7:15 so i decided to go to Starbucks to pick up something. "How may I help you?" The cashier said with a smile. Gosh, that's the only person ill get a smile from all day. " Can i have a caramel mocha with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles." I said with a smile, "Coming right up!" She said. I went to find a seat preferably by a window. I walked over keeping my eyes on that table. Right when i was about to sit down a dark haired guy sat there. We both happened to sit down at the same time. "Uh this is awkward" i said. "I'll just find a new seat" I was about to get up when he grabbed my hand. "No its okay" he said " We can sit together" he smiled. Wow his smile was gorgeous. Wait. What was i thinking? I cant be crushing on someone! No one likes me I'm just a loner. I accidentally let a tear slip out of my eye. "Whats wrong love?" He said. I looked up at him. His brown eyes seemed darker than ever. He had a really concerned look on his face. I ran my hands through my hair " I just don't want to go to school." I said. "You look a little to old for school?" He said. "Yeah i know" i sighed. " I went to school later than everyone else so thats why I'm 19 and still in school." I was just finishing my mocha when i spilled some on my sleeve. "Oh great" i exclaimed. I grabbed a napkin and wiped my sleeve. He was just staring at me laughing. "My names Zayn by the way." He said. " I'm Claire" I rolled up my sleeves. "Woah what happened!" Zayn said. An astonished look on his face. " It's nothing" i said quickly rolling down my sleeves. I cant believe he saw my cuts. He probably thinks I'm a complete weirdo now. He looked at me with those dark brown eyes. I could see hurt in them. He knew what they were.
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