One Direction Imagines

Just some more One Direction imagines


17. Niall and Ines

I patiently waited for Niall to get to my flat. He said he was going to teach me how to play guitar. I was super excited. I'd always wanted to learn to play, and my boyfriend teaching me for free was a super bonus. After a while, Niall finally walked through the door. Along with two guitar cases. "Why do you have two guitars?" I asked. "This one," He gestured to the case that obviously not his, "Is your guitar." My eyes lit up. I knewvNiall was sweet, but I never imagined that he would buy me something like this. He set the cases on my coffee table and told me "Open it." I did as I was told and unlatched the lid. When I saw what was inside I gasped. It was a classic acustic guitar, but it had my name, Ines, written on the front of it. "Nialler, you shouldn't have." I gave him a sireous look. "But I did. So deal with it." He kissed my cheek and started tuning the two instruments. He taught me the names of the strings, and every time I got them right, and in order, he'd give me a "reward". Which was just a soft kiss. I slowly learned, with the help of Niall's patients. By the end of the night he was teaching me how to play Little Things.

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