One Direction Imagines

Just some more One Direction imagines


9. Niall and Courtney

It's New Years Eve and the boys and I were at a bar having a great time. I made Niall promise that he wouldn't get too drunk and he gave you his word. It was only about five minutes to midnight and I was talking with the bartender. I wasn't all that big on drinking but I didn't mind the people who did. Honestly, Niall was my best friend and I thought it was quite hysterical when he got drunk. "COURTNEY!!!" I heard a familiar Irish accent call over the loud music. I turned my head to see Niall elbowing people out of his way to get to me. I smiled at him. I always had had a crush on him, but the only person I ever told was Liam. He finally got to me. "It's almost the New Year." He pointed out. "I know." I said giddily. We small talked until the countdown begun, "FIVE... FOUR... THREE... TWO... ONE... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" Niall grabbed my cheeks and pulled me into a kiss. At first it took me by surprise, then I kissed him back. He ran his fingers through my brown hair as I held onto his neck pulling him deeper into the kiss. We pulled away and we leaned our foreheads together. "Will you be mine?" He asked sweetly. I nodded as I pulled him in for another, more passionate kiss.

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