One Direction Imagines

Just some more One Direction imagines


19. Niall and Ashlynn

I was out with Niall and the boys out to lunch. We were sitting at a booth. I was in between Zayn and my Nialler. Harry, Louis, and Liam were across the tabel. All the boys kept stealing food off of Niall's plate. He would yell at them and slap their hands away. This brought a bit of unwanted attention.To rub it in the boys' face I slowly took bit by bit of Niall's food. And instead of swatting my hand away he would give me a light kiss. "Why dose Ashlynn get your food?" Louis complained. "Because, she's my Ashlynn." Niall held my hand under the table. I smiled cockilly at the boys. Louis stuck his tounge out at me. Niall gave Louis a stirnlook. I giggled and I kissed him again. I couldn't have a better boyfriend.

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