One Direction Imagines

Just some more One Direction imagines


3. Louis and Taylor

Louis had called the boys and I to see if we wanted to hang out that night. I always took going to Louis' as an opportunity to see him. Zayn was the only one out of the boys who knew why, and that was because I really liked Louis. I had for a while now. I grabbed my phone and purse and drove to the flat. Zayn pulled up at the same time and he waited for me to make my way up to him. "Hey, Taylor." "Hi, Zayn." we walked to the door together and when we knocked, Louis opened the door. I had to calm myself a little because he was only wearing his boxer shorts. "Hi, Tay-Bear." Louis calling me by the nickname he gave me knocked me back into reality. "Hey, Boo Bear." "You ready for this?" Louis asked opening the door wider for me and Zayn. "For what?" I asked clueless. "We're playing Truth or Dare." I nodded but was secretly nervous.What if someone asks who I like? "Taylor!" Niall called. "Sit by me." I smiled and took my seat next to him. "Okay. I'm first." Louis said. " Harry. Truth or Dare?" "Dare." Harry decided. Louis got a mischievous smile. "I dare you to run up and down the street yelling 'I like chicken'" "Easy." Harry started to get up "No, no, no. You didn't let me finish. You need to do all that naked." "Okay." Harry started stripping and Niall covered my eyes. I heard the door open and felt a cool breeze. There was a familiar voice out side screaming at the top of his lungs "I LIKE CHICKEN!!!" I heard the boys laughing and I stifled my own laughter. A few minutes later the door closed and I heard shuffling fabric. "Okay, Niall. You can let her go." Harry said. I was let go and Harry was fully dressed. "Now, my turn. Louis? Truth or Dare?" Harry looked back at Louis. "Dare." "Okay. I dare you and Taylor to go into the closet for five minutes." I looked at Harry, bewildered. But, before I could think strait Louis was pulling me into the coat closet. He shut the door behind us and I was extremely cautious not to touch Louis. "Taylor." Louis whispered. "Yah?" I breathed. "Can I tell you something?" His voice was shaky. "Anything, Lou." "I like you. No... I love you." I swear when he said those words you could hear my heart beat. "Louis." A tear of happiness escaped my eyes. "Yah?" Louis' voice was still shaky from what I assumed was nervousness. "I love you, too." As soon as I spoke Louis crashed his lips onto mine. We didn't separate until the door opened. "Wow!" Harry backed up a little. "Time's up, you two." Louis sighed in frustration and I just giggled. We walked back to the circle, hand in hand. And before we resumed the game Louis leaned over to my ear. "Be mine?" He whispered. I looked at him and nodded.   

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