One Direction Imagines

Just some more One Direction imagines


12. Imagine #9

"You're so weak, Harry." I said as I watched my boyfriend, Harry, help a neighbor push his carup his drive. "You try pushing this up hill." Harry replyed in a strained voice. "I rather not." I remarked closing the door to mine and Harry's flat. I did not want anymore cool London aircoming into our nice, warm flat. I settled down on the nice love seat that was placed in our front room. I went back to watching the television until Harry strde in. His cheeks were pink from the cold air outside. "That was hard." He took his spot next to me. "I bet you couldn't do sixty five push ups." I giggled. "Oh yah." Harry raised his eyebrows. "Yah." I challenged. "Lay on the floor." He instructed. "What?" I backed further into the corner of the love seat. "Just do it." He rolled his eyes at me. I did as told and lay face up on the carpet. Harry got down on the grownd, too, and hovered over me. He placed his hands by my shoulders. He started to do his push ups and every time he was down he would kiss me. This cycle went on for quite some time until he said "Sixty five." Then collapsing on top of me he brought his legs up so he was no longer on his toes, and turned our little pecks on the lips, into a full on make out.

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