One Direction Imagines

Just some more One Direction imagines


7. Imagine #5

I was sitting at home feeling lonely. Niall was on tour with the boys and I couldn't even call him because my cell phone plan didn't cover America. I turned on the television and a horror movie came on. Looking at the madman running around the screen made you think of Niall. No. Niall isn't a madman, but he would let me cuddle up to him when I acted like I was scared. Honestly, I really didn't get scared too easily, but I liked snuggling up to Niall on the couch. I scrolled through the channels hoping for something good to come on. then my laptop lit up. Saying someone was skyping me. I answered the call and saw my sweet boyfriend. "Hi, Niall." I smiled at him through the little camera that was built into my laptop. "Hey, babe." When Niall said that I heard a really loud "Awwwww..." It took me by surprise and a confused look crossed my face. Niall seemed to notice and said "Oh. Meet my fans. Everyone say 'HI'" He turned his phone so I could see the thousands of people staring at me. They all screamed at the top of their lungs "HI!!!!" I smiled at all of the fans that had gone to see the boys that night. "Niall! You should have skyped me earlier so I could look better for all these lovely people." I scolded. In the back there was a soft "You look amazing." and I replied "Thank you random person." Everyone in the arena laughed. "Well if we are ever going to get this tour done so I can hold you again-" There was another collective "Awwwww..." Niall laughed his signature laugh "as I was saying I better go." "Okay. I love you." "Love you too, (Y/N)." The other boys popped up and yelled "Bye, (Y/N)!" "Bye, everybody." The whole arena shouted their goodbyes as I hung up. A lonely night just turned into a perfect night.   

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