One Direction Imagines

Just some more One Direction imagines


5. Angel

The boys asked me if I wanted to go to the beach with them. I was pretty excited about this that I decided to wear my favorite strapless pink and teal swimsuit. I put on some shorts and a purple tank top and twisted my black and red hair into a bun at the top of my head. Finding my tote bag I stuffed a beach towel into it. Zayn said that him and the boys would be at my flat at four. It was three fifty-six. I had four minutes to spare. Taking a seat, I patiently waited for the car to pull up the drive. At four o'clock, exactly, the boys pulled up in the car. I ran out to meet them and had to sit on Liam's lap for all of us to fit. Liam seemed to tense up a bit and Harry was staring at me. We all sang along to the radio as we made our way to the beach. A few minutes later we pulled into Ovingdean Beach. "LAST ONE IN THE WATER BUYS LUNCH!!!" Louis yelled running out of the car. I instantly followed, taking off my shorts and tank as I ran. I jumped on Louis' back as I got to the cold ocean water. He jumped backwards causing me to go under the water. Instantly I felt strong arms under my body. I was pulled out of the water and I saw Liam holding me bridal style. "You okay, love?" "I'm fine Li Li. You can put me down now." He put me down gently into the salty water. Harry ran to my side "Angel? Do you want to go get some ice cream." Before I could nod Liam asked "Do you want to swim with me?" "Ummmmm..." I couldn't decide between the two of them "Can we all just swim?" I asked. "Of course." Harry said picking me up like a fireman would. I screamed as he swam us out to a sand bar with me clinging to his neck. Liam and the other boys were close behind. We started a full on war and Harry and Liam fought over who got to protect me from the other boys who were splashing water like maniacs. They flexed and came up with other ways to impress me. While they weren't paying attention. Something grabbed my ankle and I looked down and saw Niall, Zayn and Louis. They gestured for me to follow them back to the shore. I nodded and Zayn let me hold on to him as he swam back to the shore. As soon as we got to the end of the water I heard Liam and Harry yelling for us. They were still on the sand bar and were trying to swim to us. Louis, Niall, Zayn and I all laughed at how they were always fighting for me. They were so cute.

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