Don't Want You To Leave

In the last days of her life, Harry Styles wants his girlfriend, Sarah, to have the best time she's ever had. Will there be enough time?


1. The News

I sat in the doctor's office. Harry was talking to the doctor and I was ease dropping " The leukemia has gotten worse, I hate to say this, but she has 2 months to live". " NOOO" is all I could hear Harry say. I saw him crying. Then the doctor said " I'm really sorry. There's just nothing we can do for her now". My heart dropped 10 feet. I didn't start crying until I saw Harry. The doctor came towards me and broke the ice. Harry was torn. The doctor left and I looked at him " I'll be going to a better place". "No, Sarah don't think like that" Harry said between tears. I stood up " Well Mr.Styles, if you'll excuse me I'm going to see my friends". He shot up "The lads?". I nod. When I arrived at the boys flat, I had a flashback of everything that happened in the past hour. The doctor's news, the tears. As I approached the door, Niall opened it, "Sarah! Dear! What's wrong?" We tell him everything. His blue eyes become watery, and the tears roll down his face. Niall calls for the rest of the boys and tells them everything. Everybody is crying. Louis wipes the tears, looks at me, and smiles. " That means only one thing" there were a few sniffles and said " These next two months, we party hard, stay up all night, and live like kings".
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