Don't Want You To Leave

In the last days of her life, Harry Styles wants his girlfriend, Sarah, to have the best time she's ever had. Will there be enough time?


6. Sarah's POV

When I woke up I felt horrible. I was hooked up to all this machinery. It felt really weird. When the doctor walked in I got really nervous. "Sarah," he sighed "I'm afraid to say it but the leukemia has gotten worse. You only have 6 weeks to live". My heart dropped 10 feet literally. All I could do is cry. Everything was a blur. All I could see is Liam. "Liam where's Harry?! I want Harry!" "Calm down, He's right in front if you" "I don't see him! Where is he!" Harry sat his hand in me "Harry!" I try to hug him. But all the cords were holding me back. The doctor came back in and talk to the boys "She can stay here or go home, there's nothing more we can do". I hear Harry begin to cry. That's when everything went black.
*Harry's POV
when to doctor told me I began to cry then all of a sudden I hear a "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP" "No, no, no,no,no" is all I kept saying to myself in my head. It has to be down the hallway. But it wasn't. Sarah just died. All I could do is cry.
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