Don't Want You To Leave

In the last days of her life, Harry Styles wants his girlfriend, Sarah, to have the best time she's ever had. Will there be enough time?


4. Niall's POV

Chapter 4:
The next day we were going out to eat. When Sarah asked for suggestions. "NANDOS!" I shout. Them I remember and my smile fades. "Umm, ask Harry" I say saddened. He smiles and says"Sarah where do you want to eat?" "Well.." She said "I haven't ate Chinese for a while" big mistake. I was gassy all day and almost killed everyone. "NIALL!!, please go to the bathroom or something. That's awful" Sarah yelled at me jokingly. "So what do you wanna do now" I asked Louis, because he was the one who had every day planned. "Hmmm" he says. "Sarah, where would you like to go?" He asked Sarah. "I actually would like to stay here and just watch a movie, order pizza, nothing fancy" she replied. "Listen, guys, thank you for going through all this just for me and I'm flattered, but for one night can we do something normal like we used to" Sarah said. Everyone in the room was shocked at what she said, but we did what she wanted to do. We watched The Titanic but everyone fell asleep half way through it. Sarah fell asleep on Harry and when he realized it he took her upstairs, bridal style, and they went to bed. I said goodnight before he left. Which woke the other lads . "Where did Sarah and Harry go,"was all I could hear coming out of their mouths.
"to bed, now goodnight" I said and walked away.
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