Don't Want You To Leave

In the last days of her life, Harry Styles wants his girlfriend, Sarah, to have the best time she's ever had. Will there be enough time?


7. Harry's POV

 "Beeeeep beeeep beeep I woke up to realize it was my alarm clock. I found that my face and night shirt had been soaked in tears. It was all a dream; Thank God. Actually more like a nightmare. Wait am I talking to myself. I am. I'm so stupid. I got up and got dressed and went to the hospital. It better have been just a dream is what was running through my mind as I practically jogged through the hospital. When I got there I saw the rest of the lads in the waiting room. Niall, Liam, and Zayn were asleep and Louis was reading a magazine. He didn't notice me so I walked into the ICU with my fingers crossed. I peeked through the window and she was asleep. Phew. She looked so peaceful. After a while a nurse politely asked me to go to the waiting room. When I got there all the boys were awake. They could tell I had been crying. Louis looked concerned and texted me, so the others wouldn't hear, and asked me what was wrong. I told him nothing. He looked at me with concerned eyes and patted the seat next to him. He texted me again and said we could talk if I would like to. I then realized I hadn't ate breakfast so I texted him back that i was gonna go eat breakfast and he could come with me. He nodded his head. When we got to the cafeteria it was basically empty. There were about ten other people besides Louis and I. We went through the line got our food and sat down. He asked me what was wrong again. All I could do was look out the window. My eyes got watery. I told him about the dream and how I snuck by him to go see her and how I couldn't imagine life without her. She was my everything. I didn't want to lose her. After our emotional breakfast we went back to the waiting room. The boys were still asleep and a nurse came in. "She is awake if you would like to see her" I looked at Louis. He nodded. "Let's go" 

Authors note: sorry I haven't updated I couldn't think on it. I am considering a co author. If you are interested my kik is muchlove4harry. Thanks. Hope you have enjoyed so far!!! And sorry if this chapter sucks!! 

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