Don't Want You To Leave

In the last days of her life, Harry Styles wants his girlfriend, Sarah, to have the best time she's ever had. Will there be enough time?


3. Harry's POV

Chapter 3:
When I woke up the next morning, Sarah was still asleep. I still couldn't believe that I had 2 months left with her. I decided to get up and fix breakfast. Louis had planned out the whole day were going to the amusement park. Sarah got up and we ate. We didn't talk much this morning. I guess we were still trying to get over yesterday. Louis texted me. He said he would be at my place to get me and Sarah. I told her then we got up and got ready. It was really awkward. She didn't speak to me until I said "So your gonna take your clothes off in front if me and not be sexy". She laughed but didn't say anything. I was curious why. Was she mad about how I acted yesterday? I only don't that because I was upset. Was she mad that I didn't speak yesterday? I wasn't in the mood. Then she finally said something. "you didn't act sexy so why should I" she smirked and walked out. First time I saw her smile. Louis finally got there. " I see you finally got him smiling now" was the first thing he said when I opened the door. I snarled and let him in. He looked around and said "Ready to go?". We both shook our heads and got in the car. The rest of the boys were already there. We hopped in and I look at Louis. He smiled "Where are we going? You may ask, welp we are going to Alton Towers." My heart stopped. That's where me and Sarah has our first date. I held her hand and squeezed it. Sarah's always been scared of roller coasters. Today I made her love them. She screamed so hard on the biggest one. Highlight of my day. When we got backed we were all pooped. Until Louis yelled "Get up lazy bones, we have an arm wrestling contest to do!" First it was me and Niall. This one went on for about 5 minutes until Zayn said it was getting boring so we quit. Liam and Zayn was up. Zayn won that one. We played and played until it was Sarah's and Nialls turn. Niall wanted to make this fun "If you lose, you can bang Harry for a week" she looked defeated, but then smirked "If you lose you can't have Nandos for a week" he considered the challenge, And then accepted it. "Gahhh" she grunted. Niall wasn't giving up "FOR THE NANDOS!" And almost brought her hand down. She got a worried look and hollered "FOR THE HAROLD" her adrenaline was pumping and had it back in the middle, until, of course, she whispered "Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry," and won Niall slumped back in his chair in defeat and pouted, "Bye bye Mr.Nandos" Sarah laughed evilly, and stuck her tongue out "Haha dick for me tonight," and walked out. Niall slowly went to the door and said. "No more Nandos for Nialler" and slumped out

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