Thief's kiss

Beverly is a thief. She's been a thief since she was a young girl. So how can a person who has been away from the world for so long make friends and maybe find love?


3. The 'New' People

Beverly continued her life as normal. New people came into the house a week later but she took enough food from the McUrthy's to last her till the new people came. Beverly woke up. She heard a van again and looked out to find a family coming out of a car with a large van being unloaded. In the family there was a young girl, a mum and a dad. The young girl had long blonde hair and a pink dress. The family looked so happy. This made Beverly sad. You see Beverly had lost her family when she was the young girls age. Beverly couldn't remember much of her old life but she remembered enough to know she would never be in a happy family again. The only thing Beverly had from her family was a pair of socks. They were stripey and she had had them since she was a young girl. Beverly rarely took of her socks and when she did it was only for a brief moment to wash them. Thinking of home made Beverly hungry. She took out a sweet she took form the McUrthy's and she was soon full. Beverly drank some water and ate more food. 

Over night Beverly had to make some tough decisions. It had been almost a year since Beverly had last moved and she had to relocate to avoid being seen. But Beverly loved where she was living and she didn't want to move in the snow season. After thinking about it a lot Beverly began to pack up her things and move. She walked further and further into the forest. Until there was nothing around it looked lie the forest stretched on forever. Then Beverly noticed something. She saw smoke emerging from the trees. It looked like a fire which would mean that there were people near.

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