Thief's kiss

Beverly is a thief. She's been a thief since she was a young girl. So how can a person who has been away from the world for so long make friends and maybe find love?


2. Moving Day

She ran back to camp. Camp was only really a tent, a blanket and a pillow she took from the McUrthy's jumble sale the year before and a tin bin she found in a skip to put food in to chill. Every year or so Beverly would pack everything up and walk further into the forest till she saw another house and set up camp there. She needed to have a house near so she could get food and other things. I bet your wondering what she did for clothes. Well Beverly had two outfits she would alternate wearing. She would wear an outfit for a few days then wear her other one for a bit. She would clean her  clothes in a nearby lake or if it was a special occasion she would go into a house to clean them. This was only if it was special because she couldn't risk being caught. Beverly had been seen before by a young girl in a house she used to visit and Beverly had to move. 

When the sun went down Beverly was so tired she instantly fell asleep. In the morning she was awoken by a truck whir. She peered out of her tent and saw a giant van outside the McUrthy's house. Beverly waited till all the moving men were in the house to run to the van. Beverly grabbed whatever she could she rummaged around in boxes finding clothes, scissors and another blanket. Then she saw the food. She took chocolate, crisps and more bottles with frozen spring water. She took vegetables, fruit and cheese. She kept on taking food until she heard footsteps coming towards her . She ran round the other side of the van hiding her feet with the wheel. When she was sure they had gone she ran back to the woods. She put all her new food in the tin bin and put on her new clothes. She put her old clothes in the nearby lake and began to wash them. Beverly felt comfortable she wouldn't get caught. If the family noticed some of their things were missing they could blame them on the movers and by new ones. And anyway Beverly would never see them again. 

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