Thief's kiss

Beverly is a thief. She's been a thief since she was a young girl. So how can a person who has been away from the world for so long make friends and maybe find love?


1. Nearly Caught

A single snowflake brushed her nose. Leaving a trail of watery ice dripping to her mouth. The first sign of snow. Beverly was shivering her feet started to freeze. Her toes became cubes of ice and her whole body started to lose feeling. Beverly was too tempted the smell of stew wafted into her nose quickly. It motivated her, she sneaked towards the McUrthy house. She opened the door and sneaked in. Mrs McUrthy had gone to the market a bag of shopping was left on the counter. Beverly ran to it taking small handfuls of the sweets. Small so no one would notice. She turned on the tap grabbing her bottle. She would need water to heat up  her food. She opened the fridge. A chicken scraps rested on the shelf. She took a few placing them in her bag. She saw some cubes of butter the size of sugar cubes. She opened a cupboard. She took out a chipped plate, bowl and mug. Beverly heard footsteps coming towards her she ran out the door and retreated towards the forest. "That was close" Beverly said to herself. "I have to be quicker next time" Then she thought. Would there be a next time was she seen would she have to move again. Being a thief wasn't easy sometimes. 

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