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3. How To Resist Killing A Sibling

This one will not have steps, instead it will have ways. You don't want to end up in jail do you? For murdering that younger or older sibling.

I have a brother, who is a year and 23 and a half days older than me. So, you could say, we're quite close in age. And he is really irritating. We get into mental fights, physical fights, all sorts. And he is the golden child of our parents. Whenever something immature has been done and they don't know who it is they say it's me; because I'm younger. That sets me on fire.

So here are ways to resist killing siblings for your own benefits:

- Persuade parents to get a lock on your door. If you already have great! If they say no, try and work your way up to being on their good side then on a good day, ask them if they can. You can do jobs for them, have a Saturday job, stuff that will make them proud. If they say yes then good for you! :D This way it will stop that sibling getting into your personal space and antagonizing you.

- Spend as much time as you can out, enjoying yourself! It doesn't have to be with friends but I'd recommend you go out with friends. If you go alone though, there are plenty of awesome ways to spend it. This way, you'll be with your sibling less.

- Invite any friends you may have round lots (even for sleepovers!). This way you can be occupied with them and not have to worry about that sibling.

- Leave for school before they do. No morning arguments are caused around this. If you have to get in a car or bus or train or whatever then make sure you are as far as you can be from them and that if you're in a car, you open the window and ignore them totally.

- Get home first. If you have to share a vehicle so this is not possible then make sure you just stay away from them when you get home. When you get home, go straight for your bedroom. If they won't stay out of their bedroom then start throwing pillows or cushions at them. Nothing hard as that's leading you to murder. Just soft things. :D

If you have any more ways you do this feel free to put them in the comments! :)

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