How to do Stuff!

Some guides on how to do useful stuff. Ahha!


2. How to get a Boy/Girlfriend

Note: This is just how I (E.B) do it.

How to get a Boy/Girlfriend

Step 1: Get to know them. Try and talk to him/her a little. Asks them questions that could help you to getting to knowing them better.

Step 2: Knowing what they like. Once you've gotten to know them a bit, try to strike up conversations about things you have in common.

Step 3: Hang out with them. Try and get to be a familiar sight for them, someone they talk to on a regular basis. But don't over do it. Don't like stalk them, that would annoy them, and that wouldn't be good.

Step 4: Facebook! If they have Facebook, talk to them. Message them a friendly hello and get talking about stuff. If they don't have Facebook or you don't even, it doesn't matter. Just skip this step.

Step 5: Flirting. Now, this part of the operation doesn't appeal to everyone. The person you're trying to attract might not like flirting, but try and do it lightly. Flirting could just be complimenting them.

Step 6: Looking for the signs. This is important. You need to look for any signs of them having an attraction. The way the look at you, their smile, even their body language! A fact I heard is that when you like someone, sometimes you feet are facing towards.

Step 7: Confirming. If you have positive signs of the attraction, move onto the next step. If the signs come out negative or even worse, they have signs towards someone else. You can either stay friends with them or you can try again.

Step 8: Asking them. Some people do get nervous and ask their friends to ask for them. But you're more likely to get a more positive reaction if you ask yourself. If they say yes, then great! If they say no, move on, and just stay friends. My personal opinion though!

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