Let Me Love You ~Niall Horan~

Ricky was the bad, the bad-ass. Her aunt was tired with her behavior. So she sent her to her Uncle Simon's for the band tour. Could one of them change her bad ways?


1. Let Me Love You ~Niall Horan~

Mrs. Borstan class is personally hell. All she did was talk about her ex-boyfriends and the French Revolution. I think.. I might shoot myself. God help me.

"And then Beck was like I think we should see other-."

"Shut up!" I yelled.

"Excuse me? Ricky."

I pushed back my black bangs from my face. And continued to yell.

"No one gives a shit about your stupid ex-boyfriends! All we talk about is them! No wonder they leave, you look like a slut and you fuck them and expect them to love you the next day! Reality Check! Men only think with their penises! So thank you!"

"You are expelled Miss.Brown!"

"Thank The Lord!"

My knee-high tops clicking against the tile hallway I waltzed into the principal's office. "Miss. Brown what are you doing here?"

Mr. Latz was a bald chubby man. He had greased hair that was a comb-over. His wore tight suits which always showed his beer gut. He was disgusting.

"I got expelled." I said casually. I gotten suspended three other times at the school in all different classes. I am the bad girl at Lincoln Bay High. I have a Emo styled hair cut. I dyed my hair different colors all the time, I wore dark clothes and graphic t-shirts. Basically my whole wardrobe is from the men's section at Wal-Mart.

Mr. Latz pressed #1 on his cell phone and it dialed Aunt Lori. He had a conversation with my aunt and she was making her way over to the school.

My aunt looked nothing like me at all, she had blond hair that always looked soft. She had my mother blue eyes like me. She had a natural tan when I had a pale skin.

I was taking my school stuff out of my locker while Aunt Lori and Mr.Latz were talking.

A hand startled me as it was slammed against my head. It was the brown eyes of my best friend Josh Lurch.

"Where are you going missy?" He narrowed his eyes at me and had a low voice. I laughed quietly at him, "I'm going home! I got expelled again!" I smiled like a little kid. "What am I going to do with you?"

I shrugged a little and turned back to my locker. "You better get back to class."

"Okay bye love you."

I sighed a little "Love you too." I honestly don't why I was feeling down. I felt like something bad was going to happen. After finishing collecting my things I walked back to my aunt. "Ricky, let's go." Something was wrong I know it, usually Aunt Lori is excited and bubbly but now she was acting.. quiet.

I pushed open the door from this hell hole and stepped into the mid-warm February air in Dallas,Texas. I hopped into the bright orange and green jeep.

As we were driving the way home I started playing with my lip ring. "Ricky, do you know your dad's brother?" "Yeah Uncle Simon?"

I never met the guy though he was really just a name that my parents mentioned every once and awhile before the accident.

"Well, Mr. Litz and I decided that was behavior was getting unacceptable. And that you should hang out with him for awhile."

My icy blue eyes widened, and I turned to face her. "How long?" I asked. "A year." "WHAT! WHAT ABOUT MY FRIENDS AND SCHOOL AND COLLEGE!" I screamed at my aunt.

She explained to me that I would be going on the tour with Simon's band in London and end up in California for the end of the tour. For when I start college since I would be going to Yale University in the fall.

Well this sucks.


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