Thanks to Natalie

Katlyn is a normal 18 year old girl going to school, hanging out with friends, and obsessing over her favorite band. One day her best friend Natalie secretly enters her into a competition to be the opening act for One Direction for the Take Me Home tour. Will the audition be a total bust causing her never to meet her idols or will she fulfill her dream of becoming a singer and get to go on an amazing adventure?


1. Chapter one

she sneaks out in the middle of the night, tight dress with the top cut low. she addicted to the feel-

ughh... "its six already?" At least its Friday. Better go get ready i guess...

"Now what to wear? Same as always i guess." I got dressed into a pair of dark skinny jeans, red t-shirt, my favorite softball fleece pullover, and a pair of navy blue TOMS. I put on some black mascara to make my eyes look a little better. They're such an awkward color, mainly green but with a blue ring on the outside and gold flakes on the inside... Next i put on some lip balm and some light pink lipgloss with some glitter in it. You think a 18 year old would care more about their appearence, but no I could care less.

"hey Katlyn!" "Oh hey Lindsey! Youre here early today, you beat me..." I said to my best friend Lindsey. We've been friends since 6th grade. She had pretty brown semi-straight hair, so much better than my awkward brown-blonde curly mess thats my hair... We were waiting at school to be let into our classes.

"Yeah, I got a ride today. So whatcha doing tonight?" "Oh same as usuall, hanging out with Natalie. What about you?" "lucky... Im stuck at home" "that sucks..." Natalie is my very best friend. Were extremely close. i cant wait to see her, were going to hang out at my house since it gets lonely there. i live by myself. i always loved to be independent. My thoughts were interrupted by the bell going off telling us class was going to start soon.

*after school*

"Thank god im home! Finally the weekend." i said as i enetered my house. it wasnt really small or big.

my best friend, best friend till the very end. because best friends, best friends dont have to pretend.-

"hey nat when you coming over?" i asked natalie as i sank down onto me extremely comfty couch. "im on my way now. want me to pick up some pizza for us?" "yes! duhh what type of question is that...?" "haha kat. i'll be there in 20 see you!" "ok nat, i'll be in the shower just let yourself in"

I walked to my room to pick out a more comfortable pair of clothes since we were just going to eat pizza and watch movies and listen to One Direction. If you hadnt noticed, i LOVE One Direction. natalie did too. her favorite was Louis while mine was Niall. God Niall. he was perfect.

i turned on my ipod to the Take Me Home album and jumped into the hot shower. Rock Me came on first. i started singing loudly along to it. singing was my passion. i loved it, even though i cant sing well. i mean my friends say im good but i dont get why. i hate my voice. after i was done shampooing my hair and rinsing it out Rock Me ended and i think i heard the door open...

next Over Again came on. "yes!" this was my favorite sone to sing and listen to. I started to sing louder than the music. hopefully Natalie not here... she would make fun of me so much.

after i was done showering, i put on my black leggings and school spirit shirt on and walked out of the bathroom. Natalie was on the couch eating pizza watching some random t.v. show.

"how long have you been here?" "oh a couple minutes."

i walked to the kitchen grabbed a slice of pizza and walked to the couch to watch what ever natalie was watching. when i got over there the One Direction commercial was playing. it was for a contest they wer having. you submitted a clip of you singing and you could be the opening act for the Take Me Home tour. "katlyn! theres only 2 days left to enter... you have to enter!" "nat no. im not submitting a video of my singing because i suck." "No you don't!"

I ended the conversation there because I knew she'd argue with me until I did. We put in The Campaign. After we finished it we watched another movie. It was getting around 10 and I was tired. So we changed from movies to tv shows. Of course cartoons. a little bit later I drifting off to sleep...
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