A Believer

When Cassidy founds out about dirty secrets of her school, someone tries to kill her.

"You have to be immortal to survive."

Read, and find out what I'm talking about.


1. The Midnight Hour.

"Legend says, that when you can't sleep at night, it's because you're awake in someone else's dream. I believe in that. I believe in lots of things that is impossible. But these things are possible, if I believe in them." I looked over at my teacher.

"Wauw, Cassidy. That was a beautiful novel. Go sit down. You've earned your grade." Mr. Walden said. He gave me a smile.

"Thanks, Mr. Walden." I said and walked down to my seat. 

"So, who's on now?" He asked. And then the bell rang.

"Remember your novels due to monday." Mr. Walden yelled over the loud noices from the rest of the class, packing their stuff and getting ready to go home. Well, to their rooms.

This is a boarding school. 

"Cassidy can I talk to you for a minute?" Mr. Walden asked as he walked towards me.

"Sure." I said and sat down on my seat.

"That novel was amazing. I don't understand how a girl at your age, can write these very emotional poems and novel." He sat down on his chair by his desk.

"So?" I said.

"So, I've talked with some people, from the university, and they say that they want you to start there so you can work some more with your writings.."

"This isn't just writings. This is me. I don't wanna go there. I wanna stay here." I said and stood up. 

I walked towards the door. "Let me give you some advice; I'm a writer. I live in my own universe of these things that I write about. I am not insane and I really don't wanna move. So keep out of my writings and just give me good grades." I walked out of the door.

I walked up the cold, dark corridors. This school was so much alike Hogwarts. The walls, the tables in the classes, the lightnings, the rooms, everything. We even have our own great hall. 

I slowly opened the door, to my room, and walked in. Cassandra was lying on her bed, reading in some magazine and looked up when I came in.

"Hey girl." She said. She gave me a smile. "Had a good talk with Mr. Walden?"

"He wants me to go to the university. So I can work some more with my writings. I said no. I still haven't found what I'm looking for." I said and threw my bag on the floor beside my desk.

She gave me a look. Her eyebrows lifted and her smile disappeared. "And what are you looking for?"

"You know that. Paranormal things. There should be alot of that around this place." I lay down on my bed and stared at the ceiling.

"Are you sure? It could just be your fantasy running away with you. Maybe if you try to live a real life and go to that university, you will get all of that science fiction out of your head."

"It's not science fiction, I just can't go to that university and I have a life." I breathed in heavily. "I just haven't had as many boyfriends as you. That's the diffrence between me and what you call life."

She rolled onto her side and started reading her magazines again. I looked up at the ceiling. Why can't I be normal.

"Because normal is being abnormal." I whispered.

"What?" Cassandra looked at me.

"Because normal is being abnormal." I said.

Her eyes widened. "My grandma use to say that."

"I know. But what does it mean?"

"It means that even though you're diffrent from everyone else, you aren't abnormal. No one is abnormal. Cause if you are normal by reading books and other people aren't, you're normal to yourself. But not the other people. They think that you're abnormal."

"Why didn't I think of that?" I whispered. "Of course."

I jumped off my bed and sat onto the floor. I pulled out my box and opened it. I found my diary from when I was six.

"To be normal is being abnormal." I whispered and looked into Cassandra's blue eyes.

"You found that in your old diary?" She asked.

I nodded my head. "The 24th day of december." 

"That's Christmas eve."

"What did I do on the 24th day of december...?"

"You were at home, eating dinner with your family. But your parents were already dead that summer. But you still had your brother..."

"I was with you.." I whispered. "At your grandmas."

"Why is this so important in your search?" She asked.

"This is something that I can't remember. I usually remember everything from my whole life. But this. I can't even remember what I did that night."

Someone burst into our room. "What are you girls doing tonight? There's a party at my lake house." Simon Greggory said.

"Could you please stop bursting into our room every now and then. We could've been naked." I said.

"See that is a sight I would love to see. Are you coming?"

"Sure! What time?" Cassandra asked.

"At midnight tonight." He said with a spooky voice.

"Okay. I'll bring some other friends too. And Cassidy here." She looked over at me.

"No, no, no, no, no! I'm not going to a party." I said.

"Now you are."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are!" They both said.

"Okay." I said.

"Fine. So you're coming. Good." Simon walked out of our room and closed the door.

"Cassandra! I don't go to parties and you know that." I said.

"Cassi! You're going. Live your life. Have fun for just one night." She said and threw herself onto her bed.

No way was I going to a party held by Simon Greggory in his lake house. It always ended up with someone in the lake and that someone couldn't swim. And that someone was usually me.

Simon Greggory held this party every month at full moon. And at every party he held in that house, I was being pushed into the water. This time I was prepared. I wasn't going to be near the lake. I was going to be inside the lake house and party. This time I wasn't going outside. 



"Drink, drink, drink, drink!" Yelled the crowd as Simon Greggory drank a whole beer in one sip.

I sat down on the sofa in the living room. I looked over at the person beside me. His blonde hair was messed up as usually. 

"Hey, Cass." He said.

"Hey, Mackenzie." I said.

"Call me Mack, as in the old days." He ran a hand through his hair.

"Everyone's talkign about what a freak you are." He stated. "I don't think you're a freak. I think you're misunderstood. I wanna help you find out what happened with your parents and why it had to happen on this school."

My parents was murdered on this school, that's why I can't leave. My dad was a 'freak' like I am. My mom was a cop. They made a good team and great parenst together. My dad had found out about  mystery on this school and when my mom and dad went out here on a warm summer night, they both got killed. This is why I want to find out what happened and what mystery my dad had found.

"Thanks." I smiled. Me and Mack had history. He had always been my best friend, but then we started here and he got other friends that thought of me as a monster.

"You're welcome. By the way; I've always wanted to help you and I've always told my friends to stop calling you names." 

"I know." I said. "I got your letter. You know the one from seventh grade."

"Yeah I remember that." He laughed a bit. "I was wipped."

"I can tell by that love letter of yours." 

He sat down beside me. "And then there's the leer from you in sixth grade. You was so wipped. I first got it in seventh grade of the summer holidays and I wrote back to you."

"Did you get it?" My cheeks got hot. "I didn't know."

"You didn't? Now you do. We were some strange kids." 

I laughed. "Yeah. We were." I smiled.

He looked down on my legs. "You're cold."

I looked down at my legs. I had a skirt on and bare legs. I had goosebumps. 

"Here take my jacket." He took off his jacket and lay it on my legs.

"Thanks." I said.

He gave me a smile. "So what have you found out?" 

"There is some days and nights in my life that I can't remember and I usually remember every day of my life. And this school. They died here and the answer is on the school. The mystery my parents told me about before they left. They said it was on this school and that I should keep searching if something happened to them.." tears burned behind my eyes.

"Then the answer is here. The mystery of why they got out here in the first place. And you not remembering some days.... Did you remember that night?" He asked.

I shook my head. "No...I read in my old diary."

"Good that you had a diary. Can I read it?" 

"No! It's personal." I said.

"Then you can read it and I can keep a journal for it and what we find out."

I looked over at the door. Cassandra had just ran out of it.

"Okay. I'll meet you tomorrow, after school, in the park." I stood up.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"Cassandra has girls problems. She just ran away from here with tears in her eyes." I said.

"Ben again. I'm going to kill that bastard." He stood up.

I put my hand on his chest. "No don't." I looked around. "Just come with me and we'll find her."

I walked out of the door, Mackenzie following me. We got up to my room without me being pushed in the water. 

"Cassandra?" I said.

"Yes." Her shaky voice said from behind the bed.

"What happened?" I ran over and sat beside her. She had tears in her eyes when she pulled me into a tight hug.

"Ben was drunk. He started kissing me and..." 

"I am going to kill him!" Mackenzie said.

"No! Lets just focuse on Cass." I said. He sat down beside me. "Cass you have to tell the teachers or your family."

"I can't." She said. 

"Why? Are you scared of him?" Mackenzie asked.

She nodded her head to say yes. 

"What did he do to you?" He asked.

"He...He.." And then she burst into tears.

"I think we have to wait til tomorrow to get anything out of her.." I said and looked into his grey eyes.

"Yeah you're right." He said.

"Come on Cass. Lets get you into bed." I said and stood up. I gave her my hand and pulled her up.

"Can you stay. I'm scared to be alone with her." I whispered to Mack.

"Of course." He said. 

"Thanks." I lay Cassandra onto her bed and gave her a blancket on.

"Sleep tight." I said and lay down beside her. I rubbed her back. Soon, she was safe and sound asleep.

"Still wants me to stay?" Mackenzie asked.

"Yes. If you want."

"I can do it for you." He smiled. "It's not like I have anything else to do.."

I laughed quietly. "You, Mackenzie, has nothing to do on a thursday night?" 

"Nope." He said.

"Yeah right." I laughed.

"I really don't." He said.

I looked at him. He smiled. He clapped, with his hand, on the matress beside him. I gave him a smile and shook my head. He did it again and I gave in. I crawled away from Cassandra and lay down on my own bed beside him.

"You're okay with this?" He asked.

"Yeah...It's not like we're strangers." 

"No it isn't." He said.

I bit my under lip. I rolled onto my side so I could look at him. I smiled.

"What happened?" I whispered.


"The year we moved here and I turned into a freak...Did you just get other friends and then I wasn't good enough?"

"You have always been my best friend no matter if I was with Dough or any other guy. They just didn't want me to be with you..They're some assholes." 

I smiled. "Yes they are. You used three years, finding out that?" 

"I used three years on finding out who my real friends are." 

"And who are they?" I asked.

"You and Cass. You're the most real friends I've ever had and I am so sorry for letting you both wait.." He said.

I smiled. 

"Cassi. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are the reason why I didn't sit alone in the class rooms when we were little."

"I know." I said. "You really don't have to explain yourself to me. I understand."

He smiled his perfect smile and pulled me close to him.

I laughed. "What are you doing?" 

"Something that should have been done a long time ago." He said.

I looked into his eyes. Those grey eyes that I had always known. 

Our faces were inches away from eachother. 

"Thanks." I said, breathlessly. 

He smiled. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck. "You're right. This should have been done a long time ago." And then I pressed my lips on his. 

He kissed me back and I could feel him smile a bit. 

I pulled away. "School day tomorrow." 

"Yeah I know." He mumbled. 

I lay my head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead. 

"I never thought this would ever happen.." I whispered.

"Me neither." He replied.

I fell asleep on his chest. The safeness that I felt when I was in his arms, was unusual to me. I had never had a real boyfriend. But I guess we're not in a relationship before he asks. He has to start being a gentle men.



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