Love at First Sight

Hi, I'm Deborah but you can call me Mimi. I was named after my grandma... She's the best... Back to the story my friend Taylor is a crazy obsessed fan over that boy band... One Direction. I don't see what the big deal is they're just normal teenagers... Like us.


9. Tour...


I got a call from Simon saying not to forget about the tour next week. "Can I bring a guest?" I asked Simon hoping he would reply 'Yes' and he did "But... If you do everyone else gets to so tell them they can." He said. "Okay!" I replied excitedly. I ran up to Mimi and tackled her onto the couch. She laughed "Oof!" She said as I landed in her. "Guess what." I asked her. "What?" She asked. "We all get to bring a guest on tour!" I said smiling. Her eyes widened as she got excited. I smiled. "So do you wanna come?" I asked "HELL YEAH!" She shouted. I smiled and gave her a huge hug. She probably couldn't breathe so I loosened it a bit. "Alright let's go pack."    HARRY'S POV:  "You're coming right?" I asked Taylor. She smiled and nodded. I smiled at the thought that I wasn't going to be around all boys. 'Woah! Harry you have a girlfriend! You have to treat her right!' I thought to myself Taylor looked at me with a concerned look. "Are you o-" I cut her off with a kiss. She smiled and looked away   MIMI'S POV: I can't believe it. I get to go on tour with my boyfriend. I grabbed Taylor's arm and pulled her upstairs with me. She seemed distracted. "Help me figure out what to bring!" I shouted. "Huh?" She said. I grabbed her shoulders and shook her. "SNAP OUT OF IT GIRL!!" I said wile snapping my fingers in her face. "Sorry... Geez someone needs to take a chill pill..." She said. I looked at her annoyed and continued to pack my bag.    TAYLOR'S POV: I don't know why but I can't stop thinking about Harry. I mean I know he's my boyfriend and all but what if he really doesn't like me. No Taylor he loves you. I smiled at the thought of that.    ZAYN'S POV: I felt so bad for Mimi. But it looks like she's feeling better I mean look at her she's so outgoing and exciting and pre- no Zayn stop you have a girlfriend.    LIAM'S POV: I hear Niall talking about how we could bring one guest on tour with us. I knew Lou was bringing El, Niall was bringing Mimi, Zayn with Perrie, and Harry with Taylor. But I had no one to go with ... I called Dani and asked her she said yes but I still like her. Wel at least you have someone to bring Liam.    NIALL'S POV:  I got my bag ready and ran to Mimi in my room getting her bag ready. I snuck up behind her and grabbed her and hugged her. I kissed her nose and put her down. "Hey where's Lou?" She asked still giggling. "Somewhere with El." I said. "Oh. I was wondering haha it wasn't loud." She said. "Yeah Lou's a noise maker..." I said. "I think I found that out already..." She giggled. This is it... My princess is coming on tour with me... Next week...
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