Love at First Sight

Hi, I'm Deborah but you can call me Mimi. I was named after my grandma... She's the best... Back to the story my friend Taylor is a crazy obsessed fan over that boy band... One Direction. I don't see what the big deal is they're just normal teenagers... Like us.


12. The Run

Liam's POV:

 I'm so happy me and Dani are back together! I mean when we kissed it was perfect there were sparks flying everywhere and i mean EVERYWHERE! I just love everything about her, her face, her hair, her skin, her smile, and I could go on for days and days and days. When we got back to the hotel everyone split up into different rooms me and Dani, Ness and Lou, Harry and Taylor, Zayn and Perrie, and Niall and Mimi.

Mimi's POV:

 I'm kind of nervous about Taylor and Harry sharing a rom... I know what Harry's like... And Taylor... She can be unpredictable sometimes... I walked into our room to see Niall unpacking our suitcases... "Thanks Furby" I said plopping myself down on our bed. "No problem Princess, want to go to the beach?" He asked "Sure just let me but my swimsuit on." she said "Okay love" he said picking me up and twirling me around then he planted a soft kiss on my nose. I kissed his cheek and he walked out leaving me to change.

Louis' POV:

 I heard Niall and Mimi talking about going to the beach when I went to his room to drop something off... Then I got an idea... I followed them to the beach and when they laid their towels out me and Ness wrote "Mimi will you marry me?" in the sand next to her towel... We saw them coming back so we hid in a bush behind the towels. 

Mimi's POV:

 I saw the message in the sand and froze. "Niall I-I love you and all but I don't thi-" I was cut off by Niall. "Mimi I didn't write this..." then I saw Ness pop out of a bush and burst out laughing. Tears started to swell in my eyes I didnt know what to do or what was happening so I ran...



















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