Love at First Sight

Hi, I'm Deborah but you can call me Mimi. I was named after my grandma... She's the best... Back to the story my friend Taylor is a crazy obsessed fan over that boy band... One Direction. I don't see what the big deal is they're just normal teenagers... Like us.


2. The Chase Home

As I reach the end of the block I hear the cafe door burst open and the next thing I know I'm being chased the whole way home by Niall. I finally got home as I tripped over a rock and landed in the grass, Niall was running at full speed and fell right on top of my back. "OWW" I said laughing." that's what you get for teasing me he said. I laughed and pushed Niall off of me and he followed me as I walked up to my front door. "I'm tired." I said while yawning. His smile fades into a small grin as I said goodbye. He started walking to the cafe and I got a text on my iPhone and it said: *Meet at your place at 2? ~Niall* I looked at him and replied back: *Like a date?* He replied back with: *If you want it to be... :)* I said: *Sure... One question though... How'd you get my number??* And he said: *I have my ways... :O* The last text I read was: *Bye =)* And I fell asleep...

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