Love at First Sight

Hi, I'm Deborah but you can call me Mimi. I was named after my grandma... She's the best... Back to the story my friend Taylor is a crazy obsessed fan over that boy band... One Direction. I don't see what the big deal is they're just normal teenagers... Like us.


10. Sneaking Out...

Niall's POV:

". . .and now she's feeling so low, since she went solo, hole in the middle of my heart like a POLO!!!" I was screaming while running around my house naked. I was packing for tour and didn't hear the door open. "Niall where are y- OH MY GOD PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!!!!!" Mimi yelled from down the hall. "AM I TOO SEXXXEEHHH FOR YOU!?!?!?" I laughed. "Just a little...KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS!!!!" She yelled as I changed into my clothes. "Do you have all of your things packed?" I asked. "Yup." She grinned moving to the side and revealing her many suitcases. "Oh boy." I laughed as she jumped on my back, "America here we come!!!'


Taylor's POV: 

"What do you mean you're not gonna let me go!?!?!" I yelled across the living room to my parents sitting on the couch. "We haven't even met the boy!!!" My dad yelled. "I've been with him for 2 months now!!! You can meet him tonight just let me go!!!" I begged, warm, salty tears falling from my eyes. "No. We know you love him and miss him but we can't let you leave home for 3 months!!!" My mum screamed. "I HATE YOU!!!" I yelled storming off into my bedroom and texting Harry, "Hi :(" "What's wrong baby? x" He asked. "Nothing...I miss you. :(" "Want me to come over?" He asked. "Sure, but I'm grounded...sneak through my window." I waited about 10 minutes then he showed up. I tried to stop crying but it was no use, the tears kept coming.


Harry's POV: 

"What's wrong?" I asked Taylor as I sat down on her bed, allowing my hands to find their way to her cheek. "I can't parents won't let me." She cried into my chest. "NO! I'll be the only one there without anyone...I need you." I cried. "I have an idea. What time does the plane leave tomorrow?" Tay asked. "It leaves at 5 in the morning." I replied. "Be at my window at a quarter to 4...I'm going no matter what it takes." She smiled. "You're gonna leave your parents?" I asked. "Anything to be with you."


Mimi's POV:

I woke up around 3 and started to get ready for the plane. "You ready, princess?" Niall asked. "Almost." I said hobbling out of my room and laying my head on Niall's chest, closing my eyes. "You can sleep on the plane, love." I smiled. "Carry me." She said lifting up her arms. I just laughed and picked her up.


Harry's POV:

"You ready?" I asked Taylor. She looked scared, but I could tell that this is what she really wanted to do. "Ya, just let me grab my phone." She smiled. We snuck out her window, got in the car, and drove away.


haiii guys!!! haha this chapter was written by heyitstay :) read my fanfic The End maybe? Love you!!!

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