Love at First Sight

Hi, I'm Deborah but you can call me Mimi. I was named after my grandma... She's the best... Back to the story my friend Taylor is a crazy obsessed fan over that boy band... One Direction. I don't see what the big deal is they're just normal teenagers... Like us.


11. On The Plane

Tay's POV:

"You have all of my bags right?" I asked Harry, who's eyes were concentrated on the road. A smile spread across his face, "Yup, I got them all." I smiled as we drove towards Louis house, we all planned to meet up there before leaving. "Are you sure this is what you want to do? You're just gonna run away?" Harry asked. "They hate me anyways...I've been trying to run away for months, now is my chance." I had a serious look on my face as we continued to drive towards Louis'.


Mimi's POV: 

"I'm so tireddddddd!!!!!" I said while plopping myself down onto Louis' couch. "We have to leave soon! Where's Harry and Taylor?!" Liam complained. "Right here!" Harry said while opening the door. "Taylor you're coming!?!?" I yelled, wide eyed and surprised. "Well...I wasn't supposed to...." She hesitated. Everyone stared at her confused. "I snuck out..." She said, Harry taking her hand. Niall walked over to me, picked me up, and sat me down on his lap. "What!?!?" Danielle asked. "They hate me, they're not even my real parents. They were forced to take me in after my parents left me on their doorstep. They lock me in my room and torture me all the time. They won't care." Tay said as everyone gaped at me. "Seriously?" Zayn asked. "Ya..." Tay said as a car horn beeped outside. "C'mon babe! We're leaving now!" Niall said picking me up and running outside. We sat down in the car and drove off to the airport. 


Danielle's POV:

We were all on the plane playing truth or dare, when Louis asked me, "Dani, truth or dare?" "Hmmm.....Dare." I smiled. "OK...I DARE you to KISS LIAM." Louis smirked. I gasped, considering that him and I had broken up. Liam looked at me, he knew how hard it was on me. "Dani, you don't have to do it if you do-" I cut him off my smacking my lips onto his. "I want you back..." Liam said as I pulled away. "Me too..." I smiled as i hugged him. "I never stopped loving you." Liam said. "Who said I did either?" There were awes coming from every where as we hugged again and said we loved each other.

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