My Crazy 1D Life

Justine has finally been accepted into a college in London, which is a big change moving from her small town in Wisconsin. However living alone and paying for college can be expensive and when she gets hired to work with 5 crazy boys, they turn her work upside down. But when one of them begins to fall for her will she love him back or ignore it?


2. Welcome to London

The weeks leading up to my departure to London went by as slow as could be, but when July 2 came I couldn't keep my excitement in. I woke up at 8 which is extremely early for me. I went down to the kitchen still in my pajamas.

"Good morning hun, how are you?", my mom said cheerfully.

"I'm great and excited" My mom had made pancakes and bacon and I ate quickly since I still had to pack. My little brother and sisters came downstairs right after I finished eating.

"Are you sure you have to leave", my little sister, Amelia asked with tears in her eyes. She was so adorable it almost made me not want to leave.

"Yes, but I won't be gone forever. I'll come and visit you." I ran upstairs and began packing. I packed everything in my closet after I changed my clothes. After I was done I had two suitcase full of just clothes and another smaller one with toiletries like my make-up and hair styling tools. I dragged them downstairs and set them by the door. My flight didn't leave until 5 tonight. I was flying out of Milwaukee which was about a 20 minute drive from my house. I looked at the clock and it was noon. My mother and father took our family to lunch to have a going away party for me. My grandma and grandpa came a well as my aunt, uncle and cousins. Seeing them made it even harder to leave, but the excitement I had was greater. They all gave me gifts. My parents gave me money to buy furniture for my apartment. My grandparents gave me money and pencils, pens, and notebooks for school. My aunt and uncle gave me books and magazines to read on the plane. I am really going to miss my family, but I can't wait to move to London. During lunch my family asked me questions about what I would be doing in London, but honestly I don't know all that there is to do, but I know I'm going to see Big Ben and the London Eye. After we all finished eating and chatting it was about 2:00 and we went back to the house so I could grab my bags and we drove to the airport. They came with me through security and waited at the gate with me. The airport was huge and my little siblings were getting restless sitting there. At 5:02 we heard over the intercom: " Flight 404 to New York is now boarding." That was my flight. There wasn't a direct flight to London so I'm flying into New York and catching a plane to London. There was only a half hour gap between my two flights so I had no time to be delayed. My mother was nearly in tears as I hugged my little brother and sisters.

"Call us as soon as you land in London.", my dad said as he hugged me tightly.

"I will"

"Oh and good luck with your interview tomorrow.", he added

"Thanks!" I then went to hug my mother who had tears slowly falling from her eyes.

"Be safe! I'm really going to miss you!", she sobbed out.

"I will, I'llcall you guys later. I love you guys!", I said on the verge of tears myself.

"love you!", they all said in unison back. Then I boarded the plane. There were two girls sitting next to me. I just put my earphones in an tuned them out. I must have fallen asleep because the flight attendant had to wake me up when we arrived and I had to hurry to catch my next plane. I grabbed my carry-on, thanked the attendant and ran off the plane to my next flight. They were boarding when I arrived at the gate and I barely made it. I found my seat next to a girl about my age.

"Hi", I said ready to make conversation with anyone.

"Hey! I'm Ali, you?", she replied

"Justine." We talked for awhile about our plans in London and as it turns out she is going to the same college as I am! I was excited to know I at least know one person. After the flight landed we exchanged phone numbers and decided to meet up tomorrow for lunch. I went to baggage claim and got my bags. I was tired and just wanted to get to my apartment and sleep. I had an interview at eleven and I needed the job. I hailed a taxi and arrived at my apartment around 2 a.m. I later out some blankets on the floor and fell right to sleep.

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