My Crazy 1D Life

Justine has finally been accepted into a college in London, which is a big change moving from her small town in Wisconsin. However living alone and paying for college can be expensive and when she gets hired to work with 5 crazy boys, they turn her work upside down. But when one of them begins to fall for her will she love him back or ignore it?


3. Hi! We're One Direction

My alarm went off at 9:30. This gives me an hour and a half to get ready. The ground wasn't very comfortable last night, but I was so tired I didn't care. I got up quickly and took a shower. Luckily, I brought a towel and some soap from home in my suitcase. I took a quick shower and went through my suitcase and found a white pencil skirt and a light blue camisole that I wore under a white cardigan. I loosely curled my golden blonde hair and put on minimal make-up. I grabbed my handbag, sunglasses, and cell phone, slipped on some white flats and caught a cab to Starbucks where I was meeting the man. I arrived five minutes early and stood around waiting. Then I was approached by a man wearing sunglasses. He looked familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on where I had seen him from.

"Are you Justine?", the man spoke with an accent.

"Umm yes. Are you the one who is interviewing me?", I answered a little cautious.

"Yes, My name is Simon, Simon Cowell. Please have a seat", he said as he lead me to a table in the corner. He began to ask me questions about me, my hometown, my hobbies, and my schooling. All of which I answered with ease.

"Well, you seem to be just what I'm looking for. You are hired, that is of course if you want the job."

"Yes, I would love the job! But, one question, what exactly is my job?", I asked.

"You will be "babysitting" if you will some clients of mine whom you will meet later. You will be responsible for keeping them out of trouble and making sure they get to events on time." I was still a little confused about my job, but it was a job nonetheless. After we finished our coffee and making small talk we got in his car and drive to his office to meet his clients. We walked through some big glass doors then down a hall to the last door on the right. He opened the door and I couldn't believe who was sitting before my eyes. They all lolled up from what they were doing and their mouthes dropped. I wasn't sure if I should be flattered or appalled.

"Boys, I'd like you to meet Justine", Simon finally spoke.

"Hi Justine.", they all said in unison.

"Justine, I'd like to introduce you to my clients, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis.", Simon said as he pointed to each as he said their names.

"Hi", I finally said after I stood there in awe for a few moments.

"I'll leave you here to get to know the boys", Simon said as he walked out the door leaving me alone with the boys of One Direction.

"Well, Justine, why don't you take a seat and tell us about yourself... We don't bite", Niall finally spoke in his beautiful irish accent after a few seconds. I took a seat on the edge of the sectional sofa and began to tell them about myself, while they told funny stories about each other. I felt really comfortable around them after a while. It felt like I was talking to normal teenage boys. We talked for about an hour, then Simon came in and told me that he was leaving and he would give me a ride home.

"Aww, do you really have to leave now?", Liam asked giving puppy dog eyes.

"Yes, but she'll be here bright and early tomorrow", Simon answered. They all said goodbye and I got in the car.

"You don't need to dress up tomorrow, in fact I'd like you to wear what you would normally wear. I want you to look like a friend of the boys.", Simon said breaking the awkward silence.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow at 8", I said as I stepped out of the car when we arrived at my apartment.

"Alright, goodbye", Simon said.

"Okay, thank you. I'll see you tomorrow Mr. Cowell.", I said waving goodbye.

"Please call me Simon", he said as he drove away. I walked inside and decided I needed to unpack. I went for a walk around my area to see if there was a store nearby. Luckily, I found a Walmart-like store. I bought a futon to sleep on, some hangers for my clothes, and some food. Everything seems to be a lot cheaper here. I caught a taxi home because there was no way I could carry all that stuff and still walk. When I arrived home I set everything up and put my clothes and the food away. Then I called my parents. They were delighted to hear from me. We talked for awhile, then I realized I had forgotten about my plans with Ali. I said goodbye and called Ali right away. I felt terrible for missing lunch, but as it turned out she had forgotten too and we decided to meet up on Saturday for coffee. I heated up some tea and went to bed. I could tell it would be a long day tomorrow.
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