My Crazy 1D Life

Justine has finally been accepted into a college in London, which is a big change moving from her small town in Wisconsin. However living alone and paying for college can be expensive and when she gets hired to work with 5 crazy boys, they turn her work upside down. But when one of them begins to fall for her will she love him back or ignore it?


1. Acceptance

"Ahhh", I screamed. My mother came running up the stairs to my bedroom.

"What is it?", she replied kind of worried.

"I've just been accepted to the college I applied for in London!!"

"That's fantastic!! I am so proud of you. We have lots of planning to do before you leave. When exactly do you plan to leave?", my mother asked.

"Umm... I don't know. School starts August 24. Soo I probably want to get there in July so I can get used to the city."

"Well, that's only two monthes away. You are going to need to search for some place to live and find a job right away."

"I know. I'll start searching right now" I went to searching right away. I went online to London's help wanted to find a job first. There wasn't many jobs that I was qualified for, but I found a job that I thought could be the one for me. I called right away.

"Hello?", a deep voice answered.

"Hi. My name is Justine and I was calling about your job listing..."

"Oh, yes, well can I ask you some questions now so I can see if you are the type of person I am looking for and if all goes well I'll call you in for a face to face interview?"

"Absolutely! That sounds fantastic!"

"Okay, what's your name and how old are you?"

"I'm Justine Hamilton and I'm 18"

"Perfect...", the man replied. He asked me some other basic questions like where I was from and what hobbies I had then he said he would like me to come in for an interview. I wasn't exactly sure what job I was applying for, but hey it was a job right? I set up an interview for July 3. That was the day I decided I would move. I had found a cute, little apartment to rent for cheap since I didn't have a definate job yet and I lived my normal everyday life until July started.
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