Summer camp

Julie goes on summer camp with her best friends. On camp she meets 5 boys, or one direction. It's a camp without a monitor, just 5 girls and boys who have fun. Julie and her friends falls for the boys and the boys for them. But do they fall for the same guy or girl? If that happens will everything turn out? Or do they fall for a different boy or girl each? If you wanna find out then you'll have to read my movella.


2. Leaving to camp

I wake up by the smell of pancakes! Mmmmmm! I'm loving it! (See waht I did there? ;) I go downstairs, straight to the kitchen. "Goodmorning, Julie!" my dad greets me. "Goodmorning, dad! Goodmorning mom!" I give them both hugges. "We're baking pancakes for you!" "Special for me? Why?" "Well, since you're on camp tomorrow for the whole summer, we wanna have a family day."my mom says. "Okay!!!" I sit down and start to eat my pancakes. "They're delicious!!!" I say with my mouth full. My mom and dad just laugh a bit at me. I laugh with them.

"Go get ready!"my mom says when I'm done with my breakfest. "For what?" "We're going to bowl!" "Yay!" I go up to my room to chose wich outfit I'm gonna wear. I chose white shorts, baby blue tanktop and my light blue coverse. I lay my clothes on my bed and go to my bathroom. I wash my hair and dry it. I decide to let it down, just normal. I manage to comb my hair. It's sometimes hard to comb, it reaches to my middle back. I go back to my room and put on my clothes.


I get a text from Lisa:

From: Lisa

To: Julie

My parents aren't home for the day, wanna hang out?

I text back immediatly:

From: Julie

To: Lisa

Srry can't , I'm gonna go bowling with my parents, maybe u can go ganna ask


From: Lisa

To: Julie



I go to my mom and dad. "Mom, dad? Lisa's parents aren't home for the day. Can she come bowling with us?" I ask. "Umm, okay, it's fine with me, with you?" my mom says to my dad. "Okay she can come with us. "Thank you!"

I got my phone out and text to Lisa that she can come with us. She texts back that she wil be here in 10. I just say okay.


~In the bowling alley~


Lisa and I are a team, playing against my mom and dad. "We're winning!!!" I yell. "Now you're winning, but later in the game..." says my dad to tease me. "Just wait dad, just wait!" At the and of the game we're winning. But then my dad scores a strike. Pfff, Lisa and I still have to play so... Lisa has a spare, okay I need to have a strike and the we win. I pick up a bowling ball and throw him to the cones. A strike, yes! "We won! We won! Said you we would win!" I say to my dad as Lisa and I start to do a happy dance. "You're better than I tought, Lil' one!" my dad says to me. "What are we gonna do now?" I ask. "Well, I think we best go to lunch."my mom says. "Okay"

We had lunch now we're walking around in the mall. It's getting late so we decide to head home. First be bring Lisa back to her home and the go to ours. I just grab an apple and go upstairs 'cause I'm tired. After I ate my apple I go to my bathroom and brush my teeth. Then I crawl in my bed and fall asleep.




I wake up by the sound of my alarm going of. I always wake up happy with One Direction. ;) I got ready to head of to camp.

I go to the kitchen while I whistle, the tune from Little Things. I love music so I have my Ipod with me. Quick I eat my breakfast. It's already late and I don't wanna be late for camp. We're going with a van. But we decided that we would get together first by my house.




"Oooh, that will be my friends!" I say happily. They're waiting for me. I say goodbye to my parents and to my pets and head of with my multiple bags. When we're al settled in the van, we drive of. I wave to my parents one last time and they wave back to me. In the van we just talk about how exited we are and that we're curious to see who the boys are.



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